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A Definitive Tarot Reading for The Month of May 2020

A Definitive Tarot Reading for The Month of May 2020


We are entering the second month of Singapore’s “circuit breaker” — where we are encouraged to stay at home and practice social responsibility — to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the cabin fever is starting to get real. As we struggle to make ends meet and go about with our new daily routine, we tend to forget that we are living through a pandemic and it is okay to be not okay.

If you are struggling to relief yourself of all the pent-up frustrations and seeking an outlet to escape, we are here for you. No matter the challenges and stress that life hurls at us, we have quite a variety of interesting reads — from an exclusive interview with Song Hye-Kyo to May’s TV Binge List — to keep you occupied.

May is, according to astrologer Ruxandra’s horoscope forecast for the month, is filled with retrogrades. With them, the fifth month presents itself with a new set of challenges and plenty of opportunities to empower yourself.

Read on to find out what May has in store for you. All you have to do is to pick a card that calls out to you!

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Card One: Five of Cups


General: These days you tend to focus on the negatives in life. You may tend to feel like you are alone, shattered and lost. But not all is lost; there are still some people who have faith in you. More importantly, you need to take things as they are and learn to forgive yourself.

Work: You may not like hearing this, but this card is an omen that indicates some business ventures will fail or cannot take off. You may also lose a business partner or get laid off from a project. But there is always some takeaway or lessons to be salvaged in the midst. Hang tight and remember, this to shall pass. If you are trying to seek new employment, you may feel dejected for the lack of response. Keep your chin up and be proactive.

Finance: When it comes to money, things are not going as badly as you think they are. You should still be frugal in the time of coronavirus.  

Love: Being cooped up in your past relationships is not healthy for you. You may have let slip of an opportunity to interact with a potential partner just as you were busy trying to get back with an ex. Learn to move on. If you ever feel like you need more time, take as long as you need to recuperate. For those who are newly attached, you may have trouble connecting with your current partner just because he or she is emotionally ready.  


Card Two: Four of Wands


General: Good vibes are in the air whenever this card appears. Simply put, May is going to the month of harmony for you and you are likely to find things going really well with your family.

Work: You are likely to triumph over little hurdles and obstacles at work. There are also plenty of opportunities to prove yourself. You do, however, need to reach out to and socialise with your colleagues who are also working from their homes too. For job seekers, you might consider selling your strong suit as an excellent team player during your interviews or in your resume. 

Finance: Presently, money is in a good position and you do not need to worry. This is a result of you working hard in the past months or years, and you should share the joy with your family.

Love: Good news! If you are presently dating someone or with someone, things are about to get spicier and you might end up getting more committed. For those who are singles, you just might meet someone at an outdoor event.


Card Three: Seven of Wands


General: May is a going to be a great time to rise up to the challenge and prove the mettle within you.

Work: If you have a new idea to pitch, you are likely to receive some doubts from your colleagues and superiors. However, this does not mean you should back down. Instead, you are empowered to prove them wrong and show them how your idea can work. Otherwise, you are likely to get yourself involved in a fair bit of competition at your workplace. Take it as a room to grow and let this healthy competition be a stepping stone. For job seekers, you are going to find some difficult seeking a position at the moment and this is likely because the employer is spoiled for choices. Be confident, be prepared and break a leg.

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Finance: This card is a good indicator that there is a good chance you will see a slight increase in your salary. If you are thinking of investing, think long term and get your facts right.

Love: There is plenty of room for your relationship to develop. If you find yourself bickering with your partner, these are great opportunities for both of you to understand each other better. The key here is to communicate clearly. For those who are single, finding a relationship now isn’t going to be an easy task, but you may find using unconventional means (a new dating app, maybe?) can be rather effective.  


Card Four: King of Cups


General: For those who pick this card, you are likely going to find yourself in a pleasant state of mind. You are likely to find yourself to be emotionally fulfilled while at the same time, have the clarity of mind to see things through. May is thus a perfect time for you to become more compassionate and be a good role model for all.

Work: If you are having some trouble with work, a male figure is likely to offer you some much-needed help. Seek him out and perhaps learn a new skill or two. Meanwhile, you should spread your resources and attention around. For job seekers, working in the healthcare industry might be a job that could be eye-opening and a calling at the same time.

Finance: You may be neglecting your finances, and your desire to invest in relationships is putting a hole in your wallet. Be frugal and save for a rainy day.

Love: There is emotional fulfilment here in a relationship. Your partner is smitten by you and you should take the opportunity to bring the romance to the next level. This is also a good time to try new experiences. For singletons, this card is suggesting that you should not be too picky and refrain from acting on impulse. Remember, think with the head and not the heart.

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