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Your First Look At Ji Chang-Wook & Kim Yoo-Jung’s Upcoming Drama, Backstreet Rookie!

Your First Look At Ji Chang-Wook & Kim Yoo-Jung’s Upcoming Drama, Backstreet Rookie!


Just this January, news of Ji Chang-Wook and Kim Yoo-Jung starring in an upcoming romance K-drama caused quite a stir among Koreaboos. Fast forward to today, and we already have a glimpse of what to expect from the TV series titled Backstreet Rookie. Thus, reigniting the hype flames around the show. Besides the clearly outstanding visuals from the two leading stars, another cause for buzz was the 12 year age gap between them. Bet you wouldn’t have guessed it, because we certainly couldn’t. The 32-year-old South Korean actor looks like he is forever in his twenties.

Backstreet Rookie centres around a convenience store owner named Choi Dae-Hyun (played by Ji) who is known for his good looks but is surprisingly clumsy. He ended up running the store at a young age after leaving his previous job at a large corporation. Jung Saet-Byul (played by Kim) is a part-time employee at Choi’s convenience store and an unlikely relationship develops. While Jung may seem like a hardworking and tough young woman, she is actually running from her past and desires nothing more than to have a fresh start. The drama is based on hit webtoon Convenience Store Saet Byul.

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편의점 점장님과 알바생의 두근두근 첫 만남❤️ 대본 리딩 현장 공개???? _ SBS 새 금토드라마 <편의점 샛별이> 2020년 6월 12일 금요일 밤 10시 첫 방송???? _ #SBS새금토드라마 #편의점샛별이 #BackstreetRookie #더킹영원의군주후속 #김유정 #지창욱 #한선화 #도상우 #솔빈 #음문석

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Today, photos of the cast’s first script reading were shared on South Korean TV broadcast network, SBS. Ji and Kim look like a perfect couple and won’t be the only source of eye-candy in the show. Secret’s Han Sun-Hwa and LABOUM’s Solbin are also starring in Backstreet Rookie, and lending their K-pop visuals and acting prowess to the stellar lineup.

“After seeing the characters in the script come to life through all of you, I’ve become extremely excited and am looking forward to [working on the drama],” director Lee Myung Woo said, “I now have faith that ‘Convenience Store Saet Byul’ will become a drama that gives many people positive energy.”

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With the premiere date inching closer, K-drama fans have been treated to a little teaser of this new romantic TV series. Check out the full teaser below:


Backstreet Rookie is scheduled to premiere on 12 June, 10pm KST replacing The King: Eternal Monarch. Are y’all planning to catch this one?



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