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“I’ve Seen My Toddler Grow And Learn Incredibly During This Time”

“I’ve Seen My Toddler Grow And Learn Incredibly During This Time”


As told by Jayne Tham, 31, stay-at-home mum, to ELLE Singapore: I have one child, a toddler Liam, and we both start our day around 8am when he has his milk. We have a short playtime before going down for a 30-minute walk or to get groceries. Once we are home, we have our breakfast together, and the rest of the day consists of playtime, a nap for Liam (the best time as us parents get to rest!), a quick walk downstairs before dinner, and then his bedtime at 830pm. It basically feels like a weekend every day, except that we have arts and crafts to do at home for home-based learning. And because it feels the same every day, we do not feel the difference between weekdays or weekends — every day is just another day.

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I definitely need some me time during the day, not to rest, but to clean the house and get Liam’s lunch ready. By this time, my husband usually comes home from work. The circuit breaker period has been really challenging, but I’ve cut myself some slack.


As long as my house is clean enough for Liam to play safely, I think that’s all that matters — unfolded laundry and packing can take a backseat… For now.


Liam does test my patience, but it’s usually short-lived as he has a very cheeky yet comical face. One of my favourite moments is when we were taking a nap, and he woke up before me. Instead of fussing and crying, he gently kissed me and tapped me to wake me up.

The circuit breaker has strengthened my beliefs in parenting all along. I’ve always believed that kids at Liam’s age are too precious and time flies when they’re young. They are only small once, and it’s not something I can relive — not even with another child because every child is different. This time has also shown me so much about Liam and his learning capabilities. I’ve seen him grow and learn incredibly during this one and a half months, and I feel such a great sense of achievement that I taught him those things. He has never been able to say please, but now he does, and it was really a proud moment for me.


Some personal time is definitely needed to stay sane. What I do is take a very long, hot shower.


Sometimes I burn my favourite candle and just lie on my bed to relax; it’s the simplest things that are a real luxury to me now.


This difficult time has also shown me who is a part of my inner circle, and that family doesn’t mean just your parents and siblings. They are also friends who are like family to you too.

I honestly didn’t know it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday until a couple of days ago, and it was only because I was reminded to order my mum and mother-in-law an appreciation meal. The both of them, despite their old age, never fail to check up on Liam and I, and even cooked us a meal and had it dropped off at our place. In this time, I’ve realised that they are truly the best. As for what I want? A clean and neat house would be nice!



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