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3 Of The Quickest, Most Volumising Brow Gels For Sparse Brows

3 Of The Quickest, Most Volumising Brow Gels For Sparse Brows


If there is one thing I learnt about myself this circuit breaker, it’s that I truly can define what is “essential” for me. Eyebrows definitely fall in that list, proven by multiple Zoom meetings where my 2 megapixel webcam has completely blurred them out of existence. If you are one of the blessed humans born with big, bold brows, then you probably won’t be able to relate to this first-world-problem. Those who are less endowed in the brow department like me, can probably agree that if I could put on ONE thing before an important Zoom meeting, it would be brows. The difference it makes is unparalleled. Essential for not just expressing, but also framing the face, sometimes just filling them in makes me feel pulled together.

At the times where I hit the snooze button one too many times, even my brow routine could do with a little downsizing in order to save time. Almost always I find myself reaching for a trusty tinted brow gel and comb a generous layer through for instant definition. In fact, tinted brow gels have become a slight obsession of mine as I am rather picky with them. Because I have sparse brows, you can spot anything that’s off from a mile away. These nifty gels need to offer the right amount of pigmentation in the right colour and tone. Not to mention, they need to offer hold without looking crusty while still giving the illusion of fuller brows.

And I’m happy to report that I have found some amazing gems, instantly becoming holy grails for me in the brow department. Here are the best brow gels for anyone with sparse brows and want to cheat the look of fuller brows in one step.


Worth The Pricetag


Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brow, S$42

Photo: Courtesy of Brands

While I am certainly more critical when it comes to pricier products, few have passed the “worth it” test as spectacularly as this brow gel. It comes with a very slim and tiny brush with lots of short bristles, making it easy to control where you place the product. It also makes for a less messy application and the thin brush can be used to fill in bald spots in a pinch. However, the thing that I love most about this brow gel is how natural my brows look at the end of it. The tiny bristles combs through every little brow hair to give that feathery effect that gives the illusion of full brows.

The application is simple and the smaller brush makes it beginner friendly. Unlike some brow gels that can overload the brush, I find that I get the perfect amount for one brow per dip. It never looks too much and is super buildable. Honestly, I can sing it praises for hours, but bottom line is that it’s completely worth it and a total life saver for days I’m lazy or in a hurry.


Budget Friendly & Bulletproof


Colourpop Boss Brow Gel, US$7

Photo: Courtesy of Brands

For the beauty obsessed, you know how much of cult product Glossier’s Boy Brow is. I, too, swore by that stuff for a full and feathery brow. It’s ultra natural with a buildable formula that never look heavy. However, for something that I use daily, the tiny tube gets used up quick. And coming in at US$16, not including the cost of shipping and taxes, it makes for a pricey purchase. I tried the Colourpop Boss Brow Gel at first, drawn to it’s Glossier-esque packaging before becoming an instant fan. I dare say, I prefer this one to the Boy Brow (a very bold statement, indeed).

This cheap and cheerful little brow gel is just like the Boy Brow except better in terms of pigmentation, longevity and of course, price. It has a tiny little brush that is easy to control and is packed with fibres that adds significant volume to the brows. For a natural look, just one pass on the brows is enough but the formula is easily buildable for bolder looks. One crucial factor is the colour of the gel and this Colourpop one has an ashy soft black that is PERFECT for dark-haired Asians.


E.l.f Wow Brow Gel, S$5.70

Photo: Courtesy of Brands

This latest addition to my brow routine shot straight to the top of my most-used product list. This affordable brow gel comes in a sleek and unassuming black tube that surprisingly feels hefty and luxurious to the touch. The Deep Brown shade has a great ashy tone that looks oh-so-natural. It never pulls red. Plus the formula, for the price, blows my mind! It’s pretty pigmented, which is godsend for sparse brows. It’s truly a one and done kind of thing.

Out of everything mentioned, this is certainly the most volumising formula of the bunch, the little brush packed with fibres. Somehow, it never gets crunchy or look overdone. Pretty much magic!



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