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Top Stars, Park Seo-Joon & IU Kick Off Filming For Their Upcoming Movie

Top Stars, Park Seo-Joon & IU Kick Off Filming For Their Upcoming Movie


The “It” celebrities of the moment, top South Korean actor Park Seo-Joon and songstress, IU are confirmed to star in a new film tentatively titled Dream. News of the two collaborating on this project caused a huge buzz in South Korea as Park had just come out of his hit K-drama, Itaewon Class that inspired a Bowl Haircut phenomenon. Plus IU, who recently dropped a new single featuring and co-produced by BTS’ Suga, is well known for her acting skills on top of her vocal skills, starring in hit K-dramas like Hotel Del Luna and taking on atypical roles in Netflix’s Persona.

The new film tells the story of a team of people trying out for the Homeless World Cup, an annual international soccer event in South Korea. Park plays Yoon Hong-Dae, a professional soccer player on disciplinary probation after being caught up in an unexpected incident. Through a series of events, he finds himself the coach of a thrown-together soccer team. Resistant at first, but as time passes, he began to trust and care for the team members, becoming a true leader. IU plays Lee So-Min, an aspiring director who dreams of finding success through making a documentary on Hong Dae’s team.

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This would also be IU’s first feature film though she is no stranger to the acting industry. Helming the project is director Lee Byung Hun, the man behind the blockbuster hit, Extreme Job.

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In a press conference announcing the start of film production, director Lee said, “This is a project I’ve been preparing for a long time, and it means a lot to me. We have an incredible cast of actors, and I’m excited to work with them.” IU also chimed in saying, “As this is my debut in a feature film, I’ll approach the project with both excitement and responsibility. I’m so happy to be working with actors and cast members who are always warm and welcoming and whom I have so much to learn from.”

Hardcore fans of Park Seo-Joon and IU will know that this is not the first time these two beloved stars have worked together. Both Park and IU are the faces of Chamisul, a popular local soju brand and have shot a commercial together for the brand. For a taste of the unbelievable visuals this film is promising, check out the clip below:




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