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Get Your First Look At The Upcoming Queer Eye Season 5 Here

Get Your First Look At The Upcoming Queer Eye Season 5 Here


If, during lockdown, you’ve read all the books on your shelf, watched all the comedies Netflix has to offer and are up to date with the latest TV show releases then do not fear, because the fifth season of Queer Eye has a release date. Honestly, what could brighten up this sombre and strange state of affairs more than the positive, uplifting and hilarious energy of the Fab Five?

If you’re familiar with the first four series, you’ll know Queer Eye is all about positivity, helping others and bringing some serious joy into people’s lives. Whether it’s through Karamo‘s uplifting pep talks, Jonathan Van Ness‘ fabulousness and hair and skincare tips, Tan‘s confidence injections for fashion-shy clientele, Bobby‘s incredible home renovation skills or Antoni‘s guacamole (we joke, he offers way more), the Queer Eye team brighten up the lives of those they are sent to help and us watching at home.

So as we are likely to still be in some kind of social distancing measures when season five hits, the show’s airing couldn’t have come at a better time.

Here’s everything we know:


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Where is Queer Eye season 5 taking place?


Fans will have seen previous seasons of the show lead the Fab Five to Georgia and Kansas City, and even a brief stint in Japan. For season five, they are travelling north up the east coast to Philadelphia.

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

What is season 5 of Queer Eye‘s release date on Netflix?

Next month, June 5 to be precise. Yasss.

Is there a trailer for Queer Eye season 5?

Not quite. The most we’ve got came on May 14, when we were blessed with a delightful GIF of the fab five aboard ‘the gayflower’ bound for Philadelphia.

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What can we expect from Queer Eye season 5?


We don’t know the lucky few who will have their lives blessed by Tan, Karamo, Jonathan, Bobbi and Antoni but according to the show’s Instagram page there will be as much ‘brotherly love’ as ever.

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Some pictures have also been released from the streaming service (which are dotted throughout this article) giving us a bit more insight.

There will also be 10 episodes this season, which is two more than the usual eight we get per season.

Excellent news.


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