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The Best, Made Better! Sulwhasoo’s First Care Activating Serum Just Got An Upgrade

The Best, Made Better! Sulwhasoo’s First Care Activating Serum Just Got An Upgrade

According to Sulwhasoo, research has shown that our skin changes and ages every seven years, from the time we hit adulthood at 21. It eventually “unravels” when we hit 35; that’s when redness, dullness and wrinkles become more pronounced than ever, and skin fragility kicks in. But don’t take age — or ageing — as the harbinger of all things bad. It’s how life goes, and the only way forward is to take things in your stride. The good news is, behind ever piece of bad, there’s always a silver lining; and that’s Sulwhasoo’s cult First Care Activating Serum (FCAS). The serum is formulated with the ability to adapt to our skin as we age — for example, it detects when there’s skin dehydration, and works to replenish that. The secret lies in the JAUM Balancing Complex, which works to keep skin balanced and healthy, inside out.

In recent years though, the South Korean beauty brand has made a breakthrough in skin science — as it turns out, anatomically, the average human body doesn’t maximize the skin’s recovery potential. There is “inner energy” to be harnessed, and by tapping into that, the skin is able to rebuild any injured skin barrier from the inside, and strengthen its defences against environmental aggressors from the outside. In this new fifth iteration of the FCAS, Sulwhasoo introduces the upgraded JAUM Activator — a complex that does an even better job than its predecessor, coaxing the skin into an even strong self-repairing, and ergo, “self-radiating” state.

The process is a delicate one, reflective of the making of the new FCAS. In staying true to their Korean heritage, Sulwhasoo has, like always, referred to the revered Dongui Bogam (a classic Korean book on Eastern medicine published in 1613) and made 3,912 formulas with 1,041 ingredients based on the book, to compare and contrast. Of that mammoth formulation exercise, only one made the cut, and ingredients like peony, rehmannia, lotus, white lily, and Solomon’s seal (a woodland plant native to North America) stood out as stellar anti-ageing picks for the latest generation of the FCAS.


Think of it as a “boosting” serum if you like; one to be gently patted on the skin right after cleansing to prep it for the rest of our skincare routine. skincare routine. It jumpstarts your skin, prepping it for better absorption of the incoming skincare products. Use it in the morning as an energizing boost for a rosy, radiant complexion, and in the night as a relaxing and calming touch, to soothe your skin to sleep.



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