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Tired Of Planning Your Home Workout? Here Are 3 Routines Tailored By Local Gyms

Tired Of Planning Your Home Workout? Here Are 3 Routines Tailored By Local Gyms


Circuit Breaker might be over but there are still restrictions to follow. With so many of us (including me) started working out again via Nike Training Club, Alo Moves or YouTube Channels like Pamela Reif and Allblanc TV, the big question hanging over our heads is: How or will I continue this lifestyle when everything is back to normal? While we don’t know that for sure but subscribing to a local gym not only allows you to help the local business but also guarantees you a place to continue training (when they finally reopen) with what you’re already familiar with — and hey, who knows you might find a new gym buddy along the way?

Below, three local gyms offering at-home workout routines, pre-planned or updated daily, so you don’t have to fuss over what to do today.

Ritual Gym 

Who: Co-founded by entrepreneur Brad Robinson and fitness coach Ian Tan in 2013, Ritual is most known for its intense 20-minute HIIT workout that allows its members to pop in and out anytime anywhere across its four locations in Singapore — and now, in the comfort of your home. Psst, Ritual has also done Singapore proud and gone global with six franchises around the world including Spain, Brazil and USA. 

What: The app is fully customisable to your fitness level, available equipment (or its recommended substitute) at home and even your mood of the day. In the app, you’ll find “today’s session” updated daily where you will exercise alongside the trainers in a pre-recorded video. If you want some social interactions and perhaps more motivation, sign up for its live sessions, three times a day, Monday to Saturday. 

What our friend says: “The Ritual Anywhere app is highly personalised. Aside from recommending workouts according to your fitness goals (for example, to burn fat or get stronger), the app also has multiple checkpoints within the workout to assess your fitness level, and adjusts the intensity and difficulty of the movements that follow to suit your needs.” – CY

How much? The app is free until June 21, US$12.99/month thereafter. Gym membership starts from S$220/month. 

Ritual Anywhere App is available on IOS App Store and Google Play Store

Body Fit Training 

Who: Singapore-based husband-and-wife duo, Ashleigh Appel and Dane Kapoor discovered the up and coming Body Fit Training programme from Australia in mid2019, before falling in love with the training methodology and opened its first studio in Singapore in January 2020. 

What: BFT provides a structured daily training program in which all members will perform the same workout on a given day, designed to be done five to seven days a week to target all the different muscle groups. These daily workouts are not random, but rather a pre-planned progressive routine over four to six weeks where the workouts get harder as you get fitter. The same methodology is applied to BFT2U, its home workout programme that offers five live classes daily or if you don’t have the time, a pre-planned workout routine (updated daily) that you can follow anytime.

What our friend says: “I like the variety of the exercises and the way each day’s workout is structured so you never get bored. Outside of class, we have a telegram group chat where the trainers connect and update us. We’ve also grown to build our own community and “hang out” before our live classes. It’s a great way for me to end my day then and now.” -WY

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How much? BFT2U home-workout membership is at $25/week. In-studio membership starts from $75/week. 

Go to BFT2U at bodyfittraining.com/club/tanjongpagar/

Field Assembly

Who: Formerly known as Grit, Field Assembly is known for its Instagramable 4-storey clubhouse with its equally superb training experience that offers classes such as Strength, HIIT, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and Yoga across its two locations in Singapore. 

What: The Field Assembly Essentials home workout is a specially-designed routine for anyone to follow. You can access four workout videos focusing on Strength, Pump and HIIT, and follow the recommended schedule that best suits your fitness level anytime. You can also join its daily live classes which include other types of sports such as Yoga, Muay Thai or even Jiu-Jitsu. There are up to 40 classes a week so there’s no excuse to not find the time to exercise. 

What our friend says: “What I love most about Field Assembly’s Essentials workout is that they’re short and snappy, but still packs a punch. Averaging about 20 minutes each, the HIIT routines are designed to engage the entire body and get the heart rate up early — a good sweat sesh despite their brevity. It’s perfect for the time-starved or those who have yet to mentally and physically advance on to longer workout sessions.” -AS

How much? Essentials workout is free. Live class starts from $11.99/class.

For free Essentials workout: www.fieldassembly.co. For live classes: www.fieldassembly.co/zoom



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