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Song Ji-Hyo Is Taking Over South Korea With New Film & TV Series, Did We Love?

Song Ji-Hyo Is Taking Over South Korea With New Film & TV Series, Did We Love?

Song Ji-Hyo, Korean Actress

Unassuming, humble and quirky, 38-year-old South Korean actress Song Ji-Hyo is beloved all over the world for her authenticity in the K-variety show, Running Man. The show’s audience is only growing bigger as international fans get hooked on the hilarious antics that the main cast get up to with their weekly celebrity guests. With over 500 episodes over a decade, Song has garnered a truly diverse fanbase of all ages and ethnicities over the years.

After her explosive debut in the cult horror film, Wishing Stairs in 2003, Song has starred in many critically acclaimed films such as 2008’s A Frozen Flower opposite Jo In-Sung and 2013’s New World. Now, the actress is back with not one but two projects, much to the delight of fans.

Her latest film, Intruder debut at the local box office with the highest number of first-day moviegoers since the COVID-19 outbreak that forced cinemas to close their doors. Slotted initially for a March 2020 release, the pandemic caused the premiere schedule to be pushed back to June, with Intruder‘s international release slowly rolling out after.


In this new thriller, Song plays the protagonist Yoo-Jin, a woman who was missing for 25 years before mysteriously returning to her family decades later. Playing her older brother, Seo-Jin is theatre actor Kim Moo-Yeol. Traumatised and emotionally scarred by the disappearance of his sister, Seo-Jin’s initial joy of Yoo-Jin’s return slowly turns into suspicion as he pieces together who exactly this woman who returned as his sister. Check out the full trailer below:

If you’re not a fan of horror type films, not to worry. Song will also be making her return to the small screen with a new light-hearted K-drama titled Did We Love?. In this romantic comedy, Song plays Noh Ae-Jung, a movie producer and single mom living on her own. After years of being “alone”, Noh has pretty much given up on the idea of romance. That was until she was caught up in a romantic web with the four men in her life, played by Son Jo-Jun, Song Jong-Ho, Koo Ja-Sung and Goo Pa-Do.

Check out the posters and teaser for this new TV series below:

Will you be catching this one? Did We Love? premieres 8 July 8 at 9:30 p.m. KST on JTBC and globally via Netflix.



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