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Your Definitive Tarot Reading For The Month of June 2020

Your Definitive Tarot Reading For The Month of June 2020

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In between racial tension and the coronavirus pandemic, there’s a lot of chaos going on in the world these days. Considering how Singapore is taking steps to exit the circuit breaker and taking steps to life as it once was, I’d like to think that the sunny island is finally seeing its silver lining of sorts.

But while most of us are starting to get used to the new normal, we shouldn’t relax just yet. It still pays to be mindful and cautious during a pandemic. For the superstitious ones, this is especially true considering that Mercury will soon go into retrograde from 18th June till 12th July. For the uninitiated, uneventful things tend to happen during a mercury retrograde. Modern astrologers have often argued to take such accusations with a pinch of salt and still be equally careful regardless.

Nevertheless, the new month brings with it endless possibilities and hidden surprises in every corner. Read on to find out what June has in store for you. All you have to do is to pick a card that calls out to you!

Tarot June 2020
From left to right: Page of Pentacles (Reverse), Two of Swords, Wheel of Fortune, Six of Wands. Image courtesy of @thatcardoracle

Card One: Page of Pentacles, Reverse

General: A blockage seems to have manifested in a part of your life. You are likely to feel some resistance and this can be somewhat uncomfortable. Press on.    

Work: If you work in the creative industry, you are likely to have trouble conceptualising an idea or pitching a project. For those who are looking to launch a business, you may expect some delays. This card is also a reminder for job-seekers to remain hopeful and be diligent in seeking opportunities; stop building sandcastles in the air and take actions.

Finance: Learning how to live within your means is a valuable asset. You are likely to worried about money in recent times. Do not spend on things that are not a necessity.   

Love: Disloyalty is a not a virtue. Do not lie to your closed ones and if you suspect your closed ones of lying, you should encourage an open (but forgiving) conversation on the problem. For those who are single, you may not be ready for a relationship just yet.

Card Two: Two of Swords

General: There is uncertainty in the air. Two paths divulge in front of you, and this places you at a momentary loss. When it comes to making decisions in the month of June, exercise fairness.

Work: While conflicts exist everyone, you may find yourself in quite a predicament at work. In such cases, you may have to be the middleperson or be the decision maker. You may also encounter someone who is in denial, and this person could make do with a talk down. For job-seekers, you are likely to be at a loss between chasing your passion and earning money. You should seek third parties’ advice and weigh your options.

Finance: Being proactive and having initiative with your finances may do you some justice here. If you see yourself needing downsize, do it. If you see yourself cancelling a card, do it. The goal here is to seek a balance between what you can afford and manage with what you desire.

Love: For those who are in a relationship, you might be standing at a crossroad. You should be excited that the trajectory may go into a new direction, but you should also be prepared to sail through choppy waters to get to the end. Confronting any qualms in your relationship here may be something to consider. Communication is key. For the singletons, there may be someone who you harbour feelings for. You are worried about rejections, but you would know unless you try. Have some faith in yourself!  

Card Three: Wheel of Fortune

General: Huge changes beckon. You may find yourself in a state of upheaval. Be positive, opportunistic and be practical.

Work: A good omen, really. For those who seek a career change, June may well be a good month to take proactive steps to find new opportunities. For job seekers, you are likely to see new opportunities beckon too. If you happen to be happy with where you are now, you may see some challenges surfacing and these are rooms for you to grow.

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Finance: Prepare the unexpected and relook at your past investments. June would be a good month to start keeping a separate tab for a rainy day. For those who have had financial instability, the situation is likely to turn for the better!

Love: You are ready to take your relationship to the next phase. Whether it be confessing or proposing, there are plenty of positive, romantic here. You may struggle finding the courage to do so but remember, the universe is working in your favour. For those who are seeking a partner, there is an element of surprise in June and the universe may well be directing you to where you are supposed to be. So, if anyone asks you out, go with the flow and see where that takes you!

Card Four: Six of Wands

General: Riding on minor triumphs can be such a great mood to be in. Celebrate! As much as you can and with as many people as you want. Be mindful that you still need to get some work done too.

Work: At work, you may come off as someone who is confident and charismatic. These and recent successes with your projects may pivot you to be placed on promotion or simply get the recognition you deserve. Remain humble and stay motivated. For job seekers, June is all about strategically positioning your past successes on your resume and “selling” them to potential employers. Update your list of referees and be realistic with negotiating.

Finance: When it comes to your finances, things will turn for the better. You can expect an upswing of sorts. You would still need to be prudent too.   

Love: There is bliss with your partner. You may even find yourself bonding even more too. Embrace the positive energy and be passionate! For those who are single, you just might find yourself conversing more with a crush. Take this opportunity to learn more about him or her. More importantly, exchange praises with each other!