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Reviewing Google’s Nest Wifi: One Newbie’s Guide On What To Expect

Reviewing Google’s Nest Wifi: One Newbie’s Guide On What To Expect

  • An efficient wifi solution that's a breeze to set up, 15 minutes from start to finish.
  • Each wifi point comes with a google assistant that's actually smart.
  • Their a stylish addition that you never knew a router could be.
  • It makes working from home an ease.

Here’s a fun little drinking game to play: every time someone glitches on a conference call, take a shot. Trust me, meetings that could have been emails get a lot easier to bear. My point being this, you don’t want to be that one co-worker who’s constantly apologising for a bad connection or having to move around your home or leave the chatroom and come back. Guys it’s 2020, good internet really shouldn’t be this difficult.

Hey Google, Let’s Get This Going.

Google Home
A router is so well designed I don’t feel the need to hide it.

I received 2 boxes from Google, each with 2 similar looking white cylinder-like objects and they’re so satisfying to the touch and much more like something from a Muji catalog than the routers we’re used. No weird polished black “sleek” look and weird antennas here, this wifi system doesn’t need them to out perform those. Theres one router that has a power cable and internet cable and nest wifi points that look almost identical with the added functionality of being speakers and google assistants too.

I timed exactly how long I would take to set this up from start to finish and it took me 15 minutes, no joke. And let me tell you, when it comes to WiFi the only thing I know is how to ask for a password. about 3 minutes to plug it in, 2 minutes to download the intuitive Google WiFi app and then 10 minutes to follow the intuitive on screen instructions (look ma! no manuals!) to sync everything up and I was on a conference call a short while later. No muss, no fuss, no sweat, no waiting on a call centre to ask which cable went where.

I don’t quite know how a nest wifi system actually works but Google has made it so you don’t have to. Unless you’re living in the Palace of Versailles, you’ll need one router and 2 points maximum that cover your home in pretty much the same internet speed within it’s range. This means you’re not getting hand me down signals and you don’t have to hover around a wifi router for the best connection.

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Siri Who?

Before meeting Miss Google, I had pretty much given up on smart virtual assistants. Siri for instance has an accuracy of a blindfolded amateur archer. She just doesn’t understand what I’m asking for and I suspect it has something to do with accents or phrasing but there’s none of that here. I tested the google assistant out pretty rigorously, going “hey google, eh can next song?” in the most singlish way i could and without missing a beat we went from Madonna to Diana Ross. It’s truly remarkable how unclear i could be and the google assistant would clarify what i wanted if it wasn’t clear, something my human assistants often also have to do. I was impressed and now talk to Google a little too often since we’ve all been in lockdown.

5 Things to Know Before Getting Your Own Google Nest Wifi

  1. A Nest Wifi Router is S$229 and a Nest Wifi Point is $199 with free shipping on the google store.
  2. While Google says it’s compatible with M1 and myrepublic, it was just as simple on my starhub plan but singtel users will have a few more steps to take but it isn’t impossible.
  3. If you have Google Assistant-enabled devices, adding them to this network is easy. I felt it even made my Sonos speakers a little smarter.
  4. You can play music through the Wifi points, don’t expect a hifi-sounding output but it;s great if you want to pipe a little music through your home.
  5. I have not glitched out once since I swapped my old router out. Just ask my colleagues.
  6. (Bonus point, once this pandemic is over I can’t wait to test out the functionality of the “guest” system that lets you set up a guest wifi network so no more giving out that super secret password.)



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