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Park Min-Young Launches Her Own Personal Youtube Channel

Park Min-Young Launches Her Own Personal Youtube Channel

Park Min-Young

You may know her from hit K-dramas such as Her Private Life and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?, but now South Korean actress Park Min-Young, wants her fans to get to know her as she joins the growing list of celebrities entering the Youtube-sphere. The babyface 34-year-old has officially launched her own Youtube channel where she will be sharing vlogs of her everyday life.

As Korean music, TV shows and films continue to grow an international fanbase, more and more celebrities have been connecting with their global fanbase via social media channels such as Youtube, Twitter and Instagram on top of domestic platforms like Naver and V-live. Youtube in particular is great as fans usually help each other by translating and subbing the videos.

In Park Min-Young’s first video, the actress introduces herself and explained why she launched a Youtube channel. She went on to say that she thought that it would be fun to show her true self as many people have told her that how she is in real life is so different to their initial impression of her. Even in this video alone, we see the cheeky and playful side of Park as well as her quick-wit and sense of humour.

Check it out below:

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You can also go behind-the-scenes of her photoshoot at her studio, as Park Min-Young confidently shares her bare face with her fans below:



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