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Hit K-Drama Hotel Del Luna Will Be Getting An American Remake

Hit K-Drama Hotel Del Luna Will Be Getting An American Remake

Hotel Del Luna

Who can forget the Korean drama that took the world by storm last year, Hotel Del Luna? Starring the multi-talented IU and dashing Yeo Jin-Goo, the 2019 TV series about a magical hotel that exists in between the world of the living and the dead became the twelfth-highest-rated Korean drama in local cable television history. The show had everything⁠—a stellar cast with great chemistry, amazing costumes and an engaging plot that slowly revealed the secrets behind Hotel Del Luna and its occupants. Side note: IU’s makeup and fashion in this show is just *chef’s kiss*.

In fact, IU’s character, Jang Man-Wol is so popular that the lead star created a separate Instagram account, just for her character and amassed over 800,000 followers on that account alone. The singer and actress used the social media platform to share behind-the-scenes moments with her cast members, much to the delight of fans.

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Now, the K-drama is confirmed to be getting an American adaptation in partnership with Korean production house, Studio Dragon and US production company Skydance Media.

Helming the American remake is Alison Schapker, the co-showrunner and executive producer of season two of Netflix’s Altered Carbon. She has also worked on several popular US TV series such as Fringe, Scandal and Alias. Her body of work seems to be more geared towards gritty dramas, hence, this will be an exciting departure for her as she brings this whimsical fantasy world to life.

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In a statement made by Park Hyun, the head of Studio Dragon’s Global Division said, “We’re incredibly happy to be working with globally renowned production company Skydance as well as writer Alison Schapker, and we’re looking forward to the future. Hotel del Luna being chosen as our first collaborative project shows that our company’s work is globally competitive.”

Park then went on to say, “We will create international dramas that more people from around the world can enjoy. In doing so, we will become a premium drama studio that can elevate the status of Korean content.”

No news on the cast of this US version of Hotel Del Luna, but stay tuned for more updates. Who would be your dream cast for this adaptation?



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