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Unveiling Our July 2020 Cover Star: Ravishing Spanish Songstress Rosalía

Unveiling Our July 2020 Cover Star: Ravishing Spanish Songstress Rosalía

Rosalia, July 2020 Cover

Hello from my home, again. I recently moved my work space from the dining table to my vanity as I did a spring clean of the latter. This means that my laptop is in my walk-in closet, not exactly in the same room as my bed, but close enough — just half a wall away.

Two weeks after moving my work space here, I discovered that this has been the root of my recent WFH insomnia — an expert explains how sleeplessness takes hold when “the bedroom becomes yet another workspace, losing its association as a place of quiet to rest” in this issue’s story Eyes Wide Shut. I’ve been surviving on five hours of sleep daily and paying my debt on weekends. The work-life balance that I was so proud of adhering to for the past two months is now nothing but a thing of the past. The solution? First, it’s to take control of your sleeping cycle — and that’s something you can read about on page 120.

This issue is all about taking control, but the fact that we’ve been cooped up at home for so long can make us feel like there is little we can do about anything. So we thought it was important to include a story about everyday heroines in Power to Her (page 60), highlighting three women who took control and triumphed, making the change they wanted to see in their lives. 

Not everyone has an experience as grand or rewarding as these three women, but sometimes being in control just means changing your mindset to alter the outcome of something — even when something else has control over you. Take our cover girl Rosalía for example, who during the quarantine period, determined to set up her studio anywhere, even if that meant the hotel room. She also made a decision to change the direction of her new drops, appropriate for the current situation. 

There’s always somewhere to start, and the ELLE Singapore team did a self-assessment, thinking about what we do to stay in control when a challenge presents itself. This edition of ELLE Recommends (page 124) is also extra special because we move away from products, and instead share our own tried-and-tested methods of overcoming our personal hurdles.

As we fight through the days in this endless chapter, whether it’s against the pandemic or systemic racism, remember that there’s always a degree of control that you own. It starts with your next immediate action, no matter how small it is.

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Rosalia, ELLE Singapore July 2020 Cover