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Your Definitive Tarot Reading For The Month of July 2020

Your Definitive Tarot Reading For The Month of July 2020

Tarot Reading, July 2020

While we are not free from the coronavirus pandemic, things are starting to heat up in Singapore for the month of July. It is election month here and many of us are keeping tabs on the progress of various political parties. In the realm of astrology, this chaotic energy from the field is well-warranted as our “favourite” planet Mercury is in retrograde.

I am certain that July will be an exciting month for many in Singapore. Read on to find out what surprises July has in store for you. All you have to do is to pick a card that calls out to you!

Tarot July 2020
From left to right: Two of Cups, The Tower, Eight of Swords, Five of Wands. Image courtesy of @thatcardoracle.

Card One: Two of Cups

General: There is a sense of unity in the air. July is, therefore, the perfect month to reach out and connect with new acquaintances in the realm of work and romance. More importantly, you’d also find mutual respect goes a long way.

Work: For those who are thinking of starting a new start-up, having a business partner for the long haul would be greatly beneficial. This card is a good sign that you are very compatible with your business partner. For those who are employed, you would likely find yourself becoming a better team player, but this does not mean you should shirk responsibilities. For job-seekers, this card is a reminder that you should align your personal values with the company you are seeking employment from.

Finance: There is delicate balance between spending and receiving in July. While you may not be as well to do as compared to the other months, there are no red flags appearing in the present moment. If you happen to have a bank account that is shared between another party, pay heed to any mysterious transaction?

Love: For the singletons, it is possible that you might just meet a potential Mr. Right in the month of July. There is also a slight possibility that you might reconcile with an old flame. For those who are attached, July is a great month to venture delve deeper into the relationship. Essentially, if you have a crazy idea for a date or a new plaything you’d want to try out with your partner, do it! The underlying lesson, though, is to have mutual respect with your partner.

Card Two: The Tower

General: Things are going south in your life, but remember hitting rock bottom is a great means to start anew. You have got to brace yourself for unexpected changes.

Work: You may find yourself getting transferred into a new department that seems fine on the surface, but is in a dire need of help. You are likely to be overwhelmed with sudden changes to project proposals and deadlines, as well as deal with unexpected problems. For the most part, you will be disorientated. But you should let the chaos manifest on its own and work on finding solutions that are aimed at rebuilding foundations (whether it be helpful guidelines, contracts, or even human resources). For job-seekers, there may have been some mistruth in the company you are applying for. The card suggests that you read every fine print of your contract.

Finance: Whenever this card appears, there is nothing but one warning: be careful with money. July is not the time for big purchases or frivolous pursuits.

Love: Unfortunately, your relationship may not be going as well as you hoped for; you should brace for the worst. For couples who are going through traumatic times, being open and transparent will help tide through the upheaval. For those who are single, there is a need to reflect on the self, identify possible red flags (such as arrogance and having huge ego), and work on improving them.

Card Three: Eight of Swords

General: You may feel trapped or have your hands tied, but the truth is: you are not as powerless as you think you are. Do not hesitate to reach out to those around for help!

Work: There is some unhappiness at work. You are likely to feel unsatisfied or helpless in the office. This may be due to some power play behind the scenes. Remember, you are the master of your destiny, so take a break (or leave) if you need to. Otherwise, you could attempt to confront the problem and negotiate a creative solution with a higher-up. For job-seekers, you may be feeling disheartened from a lack of replies from companies you have reached out to. Don’t worry. It is likely that messages are delayed in present times.

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Finance: It is likely that you are troubled with finances in the month of July. You have got to think creatively and out of the box if you want to earn more or receive more incentives. The anxiety you possess will also recede as the days pass by.

Love: For those who are attached, you may find yourself overthinking on things that happened. You may be reading a tad too much on your partner’s actions or motives. This card, thus, serves as a warning that you should give yourself a break and your partner a chance. Singletons may find themselves feeling frustrated by the lack of progress in the realm of love. The root of the problem often lies in self-contentment. Figure out what makes you happy and let that be a starting point. For those who knows of someone in an abusive relationship, you should the victim out.

Card Four: Five of Wands

General: Hot-tempered, disrespectful people are people you don’t need in your life. If you have been treated rudely by anyone, you ought to stand for yourself and seek the apology you need. Finally, this card is all about taking an enthusiastic and proactive approach to be the change you need.

Work: There is competition in the workplace. Whether it is healthy or chaotic, it really depends on who the jury is. No matter the case, success requires a fighting spirit and you need to prove your mettle. There will be times when you find yourself disagreeing with a teammate and you may have trouble explaining things. The card suggests you do so tactfully and separately. Those who are looking for new jobs may find prospects in sports, sales, and finance. Remember, not all conflicts are bad.

Finance: You may be overspending on a certain individual or over-investing in a certain company. Take a step back and evaluate carefully.

Love: There are couples who do best in a laidback relationship, and there are those who thrive in a feisty environment. You are likely to find yourself in this environment soon. Even so, there will be some pent up frustration with your partner and you need to communicate this frustration well. For those who are single, you may find yourself getting the attention of several suitors. So brace yourself!