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Sandara Park In Tears After A Heart-To-Heart With Former 2NE1 Member, Minzy

Sandara Park In Tears After A Heart-To-Heart With Former 2NE1 Member, Minzy

Sandara Park, Minzy

For anyone who lived through the golden age of K-pop, you would know or at least have heard of the K-pop girl group, 2NE1. Helmed by one of South Korea’s biggest talent agencies, YG Entertainment, the four-member girl group achieved both local and global success, making hits such as “Fire” and “I’m The Best”. Not only that, for conservative South Korea, 2NE1 changed the landscape of K-pop and empowered women with their charismatic performances and powerful music videos. It proved that women can be strong, successful and opinionated as well as being well-loved by the masses. 2NE1 also became the blueprint of popular K-pop girl group BLACKPINK, under the same company.

Unfortunately, the group which consisted of CL, Park Bom, Minzy and Sandara Park officially disbanded in 2016, after being together for 7 years. The four members went their separate ways and moved on with their individual careers much to the dismay of fans. Rumours swirled around the group as many speculated the reason behind their disbandment. Some pointed towards Park Bom’s alleged drug scandal while others pointed at the youngest member, Minzy who decided to not renew her contract with YG Entertainment. This was never addressed in public… until today.

Sandara Park and Minzy recently appeared on an episode of the South Korean variety show, Video Star on MBC. In the episode, the two stars talked openly and honestly about the highs and lows of their music career in 2NE1. The heartfelt conversation which drew the curtain on their personal mental and physical struggles drove both Park and Minzy to tears.

Minzy revealed that she struggled during the long breaks in between album promotions. 2NE1 was notorious for having long hiatuses, which can be seen by their short discography despite their immense fame. “We actually only had 2 full-length albums,” Minzy explained, “We only made a comeback every 4 years like the Olympics. I struggled a lot during the hiatus. I personally suffered depression and got very stressed.”

During the long breaks, she revealed that she pulled through because she was inspired by and looked up to Park, who was the eldest of the group. “When I see her as a peer, she’s active in a variety of roles, always challenging herself, and always improving, Watching her was my greatest source of strength while I was on hiatus,” Minzy said.

The singer also talked about the difficult decision to leave YG Entertainment and the intense hate she received online, which took a huge toll on her mental health. “When I left the group, people said I betrayed the group and started spreading rumours. They spread fake news. That was the hardest part for me,” she said, “I was only around 22-years-old. That’s why I didn’t look at news reports [and comments] for a while. It was too much for me to handle.”

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Park cried as she expressed that she felt she could’ve expressed herself better and taken better care of Minzy. While heartbreaking, it was truly touching to see these two women, now in different paths, talk about the memories they shared together. Both good and bad.

It also shows, once again, the huge impact that words online can have. No one is impenetrable.

Watch the clip below:



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