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Unveiling Our August 2020 Cover Stars: 8 Of Singapore’s Most Prominent Artistes

Unveiling Our August 2020 Cover Stars: 8 Of Singapore’s Most Prominent Artistes

August 2020, Cover Story

The idea of being a voice of influence might be too farfetched for most, but it is actually a privilege everybody is born with, especially in this digital age. Whether you want to shine a light on social affairs or advocate for a cause you believe in, the digital realm has proven itself to be a new frontier where brave young voices can speak up on issues close to their hearts, something that could have never happened in the past.

As we slowly recover from the pandemic and adapt back into some semblance of “normality”, I can’t help but think we’re well on our way to overcoming a hurdle as a country. And with the recent general election and National Day coming up, the ELLE Singapore team can’t help but look at the new generation of tastemakers and inspiring women who have used their voices for positive change. From prominent faces with a following to hidden heroines who fight hard for their community, each one of them believes in using their voice of influence to effect positive change.

You don’t need the spotlight to be on you to make a change. It starts from your mindset, and eventually revolving your life around an idea that you fiercely believe in. Add a few key ingredients like consistency and determination, and turn these binding agents into habit, and slowly an entire lifestyle that you practise.

Find something that matters to you on a personal level. For me, as a pet owner myself, being kind to animals is something that has become a part of me. One day, I found myself fostering an abused community cat, nursing him back to health and finally rehoming him. It may sound like a chore to many, but it gave me a lot of satisfaction and reward knowing that I’d saved a life and made an impact, however big or small, in the community.

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I hope this issue will inspire us even more and empower everybody to be an agent of change.

ELLE August 2020

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