The Discreet Doer: Lawrence Wong On His Passion For Animals, Making Positive Change & More

Lawrence Wong, August 2020

I believe that if you have a lot of influence on people, you need to be really, really educated on a topic and really consider all sides of the issue, and not just share for the sake of jumping on the bandwagon of what is trending now. I’ve always been kind of a low-profile person, so I prefer to contribute to things in my daily life in my own little way.

I am a strong supporter of all kinds of animal causes, and I’m passionate about street animals. Sometimes, I have a small can of food in my pocket so that when I go to the supermarket and I pass by a stray cat, I can take my time to feed it. I don’t actively share it because I don’t feel like it’s necessary. What I share are things that I think might really benefit from other people’s help, like someone crowd campaigning for a medical need.

Lawrence Wong, August 2020
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I think there are a lot of problems that we see around the world right now. It can be to do with waste, and more recently the pandemic, but no matter what it is, it all starts from ourselves. Change starts with our own lifestyles, and then we can influence people around us to make a small change. And this small change will influence someone else to make a small change, and create a huge impact to the problems that we identified.

“What goes through my mind is if I can envision myself in it, the purpose of the role in the show and the kind of message I want to give to my audience.”

Lawrence Wong

Having experienced different cultures through where I’ve lived and worked, I think it’s very important to be adaptable. I’m coming from an actor’s point of view here, but you’ve got to really expose yourself to different things, and never stop learning. You’ve got to find comfort in unfamiliar territory.

Characters with a lot of dimensions tend to come my way. For example, I may be playing a good guy, but there are sides of him that might be a little off because he’s had a certain struggle — and that’s what sparks more interest in me. I think with roles you take on, fate plays a hand, but what goes through my mind is if I can envision myself in it, the purpose of the role in the show, and the kind of message I want to give to my audience.

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With every role, there must be something you want to give to your audience. In my latest show, Girlfriend, where I act as the CEO of a huge production company in China, the main thing that I wanted to portray is that love is love, no matter your financial circumstance, the work you’re doing, or the situation you have.

For me, it’s always about doing things that I feel are right, things that are close to my heart. Hopefully my fanbase and followers can get a sense of who I am, and that it will cause a positive change in their lives.”

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