The Binge List: 9 New Shows To Watch on Netflix, Viu & BBC In August 2020

BBC Netflix ELLE Binge List August 2020

For those residing in Singapore, August is a special month. The nation will be celebrating its 55th year since its founding in 1965. Joining in the celebratory spirit, Netflix has offered local users a chance to binge on old-school TV shows that once graced our TV screens.

That aside, there are other interesting shows and films that will be making an appearance on our favourite TV streaming services. From the latest season of “Lucifer” to the award-winning K-drama “The World of the Married”, both Netflix, Viu and BBC have kept their arsenal filled to keep you entertained.

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1. The Flower of Evil

Viu, Lee Joon Gi, Flower of Evil
Photo Courtesy of Viu

It’s been two years since we see the princely Lee Joon-Gi landing a lead role on the small screen. This August, he returns and co-stars with Moon Chae-Won (both of them played partners-in-crime in the 2017 K-drama Criminal Minds) on a brand-new emotional thriller, Flower of Evil. With the show opening to show a loving married couple (and their daughter), you’d be surprised to witness everything crumbling down when detective Cha Ji-Woon (Moon Chae-Won) begins to unravel his husband Baek Hee-Jung (Lee Joon-Gi)’s dark past, only to suspect that he may have been a serial killer. In other words, the riveting storyline is enough to keep you hooked.

The Flower of Evil is available on Viu now.

2. Work It

We have come a long from Step Up or Step Up Revolution, and to see a new dance film enlisted in Netflix’s repertoire of shows is exciting, to say the least. Starring Sabrina Carpenter and Liza Koshy, and from the creators of Kissing Booth and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Work It tells the tale of a ragtag group of dancers coming together to take on the best squad in school.

Work It will be available on Netflix on August 7, 2020.

3. The Nest

In this new five-part thriller-drama, wealthy couple Dan (played by Martin Compston) and Emily (played by Sophie Rundle) are unable to conceive a child, but they soon meet a teenage girl (Mirren Mack) who offers to become their surrogate mother.

The Nest will be available on BBC First on August 7, 2020.

4. Project Power

What would you do when you are given a pill that allows you to tap into a hidden power for just five minutes? Absolute chaos. Or at least that is what the premise of what Project Power is about. Starring Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dominique Fishback, the new superhero film features a world where such pills escalate crimes in the city and chronicles one man’s quest to rescue his daughter from the sinister group responsible for making the pill.

Project Power will be available on Netflix on August 14, 2020.

5. We Hunt Together

In this gripping British drama series, two conflicting detectives come together to track down a pair of dangerous killers. While it may seem like a classic cat and mouse game at first glance, We Hunt Together extends far more than that and seems to pivot along the lines of eerily purposeful suspense and thrills.

We Hunt Together will be available on BBC First on August 21, 2020

6. Lucifer Season 5A

Following a concerning and troubled production due to the pandemic, the first half of the next season of Lucifer will return to Netflix in late August. And in case you don’t already know, fans all around are speculating some interesting theories around the new season. Following the heartbreaking season four finale, the trailer returns to feature Lucifer acting a tad off and as it turns out, Lucifer’s twin brother Michael has returned to Earth to cook up some mischief.

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Lucifer Season 5A will be available on Netflix on August 21, 2020.

7. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

When cheerful pianist Go Ra-Ra (played by Go Ara)’s family becomes bankrupt, she becomes increasingly frustrated. But a visit to a small private piano academy lets her cross path with the mysterious Sun Woo-Joon (Lee Jae-Wook), who doesn’t seem to care about what others think of him. And as Ra-ra falls in love with Woo-Joon, she would only come to realise that he has a tad too much secrets to hide. Judging from the hilarious trailer, there seems to be a lot of potential for this K-drama.  

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol will be available on Netflix on August 26, 2020.

8. Sweet Munchies

Netflix Sweet Munchies
Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Struggling to pay his father’s medical debt, Park Jin-Sung (played by Jung II-Woo), a chef of a local diner, decides to lies about his sexuality (he’s straight) to be a guest “gay” chef star on a TV show. But as it turns out, he soon gets involved with the TV show producer, Kim A-Jin (played by Kang Ji-Young).  

Sweet Munchies is available on Viu and will be available on Netflix on August 28, 2020

9. The World of the Married

Netflix World of the Married
Photo Courtesy of Netflix

This one is a no-brainer and is a must-watch (if you haven’t). Starring Kim Hee-Ae, Park Hae-Joon and Han So-Hee, the award-winning K-drama tells the tale of marital infidelity, revenge, forgiveness, and healing. It has since broken record to be the highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history. Meeting praises for its plot (which steers away from those typical revenge storylines), “The World of the Married” is unpredictable and fast-paced, only to leave you wanting for more.

The World of the Married is available on Viu and will be available on Netflix on August 28, 2020. 



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