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Exclusive! 5 Questions with Song Hye-Kyo On Her new Chaumet’s Bee My Love Campaign

Exclusive! 5 Questions with Song Hye-Kyo On Her new Chaumet’s Bee My Love Campaign

Chaumet's ambassador Song Hye Kyo

Our May issue ‘scover star Song Hye-Kyo continues her collaboration with Chaumet. Wearing the new Bee My Love collection, this is Song’s second year as the French jeweller’s brand ambassador for the Asia Pacific region.

While Song is definitely the star of the campaign, the Bee My Love jewellery pieces compliment the Hallyu Queen’s cheerful and vibrant mood by offering plenty of possibilities for mixing and matching, from the earrings and necklace to rings and bracelets that interpret the imperial symbol of Chaumet, the honeycomb motif.

Here, an exclusive first look and interview with Song on the campaign, relationships and life during this challenging time.

In this campaign, you interpret the Bee My Love collection in your own way. What do you make of its design? What does this design mean to you?

I love the design of the Bee My Love collection, especially for its natural beauty, vivacity and fashionable style. The hexagonal honeycomb motif creates not only a minimalist but exquisite silhouette, it also has a versatility and stackability, bringing out the unique personality of the wearer. The Bee My Love jewellery pieces also goes well with my daily look — relaxed, effortless and natural.

Has there been any change in your knowledge of Chaumet and its jewellery works after being the brand ambassador for Asia Pacific?

I am always attracted to the elegant style, profound history and tested traditional jewellery craftsmanship of Chaumet. Through our collaboration, I gradually learned more about the Maison — it abides by the most valued traditions while unleashing its abundant creativity, building a bridge between the classic and the contemporary, and constantly reinventing itself with time. A case in point is the Bee My Love collection, which applies a succinct modern style to vivid and legendary stories of Napoleon, combining the old and the new. Furthermore, the stackability of Bee My Love inspires the wearer to create a style that expresses her own personality and charm.

Chaumet is well known as “the Jeweller of Emotions” and its designs carry multiple symbols and meanings of affections. How does these stories of emotions inspire or influence you?

I find each symbol or story of love has something in common: maintenance and preservation of affection requires an assiduous and cooperative attitude from both sides. Every relationship is one-of-a-kind, and there is no standard answer to what to do or say when communicating with your significant other. Love is such a conundrum of life, intricate and complicated.

In what way do you like to express your feelings?

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As like other people, it is hard to express every feeling. However, as an actress, I could vent my emotions through the roles that I play and in turn reward my own feelings. Perhaps for that reason in particular, I still find acting very enjoyable.

How have you been coping during times like this? And do you have any message to share with your fans out there?

I have learned a lot about myself during this time. I have learned to cherish the people in my life who have stood by me through the most challenging times. At the end of the day, all we have is each other, and all we can offer one another during this time is love and kindness. Love, care and share with people around you, because they may need it more than you think.

Scroll through the gallery below for a look at the stunning campaign images: