4 Local Personalities Speak Honestly On Love And Its Many Facets

Dior Amour

Humans have been around for over 200,000 years and till today, the concept of love, in all its spectrums is as fluid as ever. It has inspired countless songs, artworks and stories because love, in itself, is such as a powerful emotion. And regardless of who you are, we are all equal in love.

Dior’s capsule collection, aptly called Dioramour, is one of the many bodies of work inspired by the concept of love. While many around the world would look at February to be the official month of love, to the Chinese, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in August instead under their lunar calendar. Better known as Qixi Festival or Double Seven Festival, Chinese Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the seventh day of seventh lunar month, which means that this year, it lands on 25 August.

The festival commemorates the romantic legend of two lovers, Zhinü, a weaver girl and Niulang, a cowherd who shared a forbidden love and was banished to opposite sides of the Silver River, never to meet again. While there are several iterations of this age-old story, what all great love stories share is the element of heartbreak and sorrow that often part and parcel of being in love. Love is not all puppies and rainbows. Instead, it is nuanced and complex, which is why till today, humans are still struggling to comprehend this fluid concept.

In celebration of Chinese Valentine’s Day and in collaboration with Dior, we spoke to four gorgeous ladies on what love means to them. Not just in the context of a typical relationships, but in all its aspects; familial, plutonic, romantic and so much more. Here’s what they have to say:

Kimberly Wang

“I think being loved feels almost like nothing… I know it sounds weird but I think it’s the highest level of comfort you can be at. Whereby you just feel so comfortable and safe and so yourself, that there is no fluff, no drama. All other emotions aside, I feel like love is when everything is just the safest and the most comfortable. Almost like nothing has happened.”

Aisyah Aziz

“If I was a cat, being loved feels like when my owner comes back home and she rubs my forehead so much that I start purring and I start self-healing with the vibrations of the purr. You know, you feel loved so much that you start healing, how crazy is that? L is luscious, O is organic, V is victorious… E is an empathetic kind of love. Something I want and I dream of. “

Willabelle Ong

“I would say fashion was my first love, or more specifically shoes. I was six-years-old and what I would was wait for her [mother] to head out before running to her closet to try on all of her shoes. She did actually walk in on me once, and it was hilarious because she couldn’t get over how tiny my feet looked in her shoes. I would catwalk around the room like it was a runway. I couldn’t get enough of it; the feeling of being tall, poised and confident.

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Being loved feels like… a snuggle with hot chocolate in rainy weather. It envelopes and consumes you, and keeps you warm.”

Mae Tan

“One of the craziest things I’ve done for love was to hop on a plane to Australia with my older brother because he wanted to surprise his girlfriend at that time. And we were not working and we did not have money but we agreed that both of us would fly to Australia by ourselves.

My first love would be my brothers. I think the feeling of having to share with them things that you’re keeping from your parents and having them protect you when you get caught… That was what love felt like.”


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