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Bulgari Calls On Ambush Designer Yoon Ahn For A Brilliant New Collab

Bulgari Calls On Ambush Designer Yoon Ahn For A Brilliant New Collab

Bulgari X Ambush

When Bulgari was in the planning stages of their latest collection, they decided to tap none other than brilliant designer Yoon Ahn. Co-founder of the Tokyo-based label Ambush, Yoon was initially known for her heavy gold jewelry and “POW” pieces, worn by the likes of Kanye West and A$AP Rocky. Today, not only does Ahn run her brand, but she’s also the jewelry director at Dior Homme. Ahn’s streetwear credentials are the perfect juxtaposition to a brand as historic as Bulgari. Both have widespread influence, one as an iconic jewelry house and one as an unstoppable creative.

When asked about her capsule collection with Bulgari, Ahn said she “wanted to express the bold and contemporary character of Serpenti. Snakes are wondrous and fascinating creatures of nature but with Bulgari they also became a symbol of glamour in constant evolution. Natural beauty meets human creation, all guided by a contemporary aesthetic.”

The capsule collection will contain a mix of bags, coin purses, wallets, and a new bracelet. The digital campaign features Bella Hadid, Xio Wen, and Ellen Rosa, and is shot by photographer Tyler Mitchell.

The collection launches exclusively online for preorder from today (deliveries from 3rd September), and will be in stores starting on 4 September.

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