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This Local Beauty Brand Is Obsessed With Freshness In Skincare

This Local Beauty Brand Is Obsessed With Freshness In Skincare

Ble De Fonty Dewy Brightening Mask

Unlike most skincare beginnings, the story of Blé de Fonty doesn’t start off with a desire to fix a skincare problem. Instead, the co-founder Jeff Jiang pivoted the brand on the belief that all good things in life are best served fresh — like the taste of sweet spring water, the green mossy scent of a rainforest after a shower — and that list came to include beauty products too. After all, he (and his skincare formulation background) did win the heart of his lover, notably after he ran 3 kilometers just to deliver a tin of freshly formulated moisturiser to her.

With an unwavering conviction that freshness can be captured and capsuled, the “crazy formulator scientist” roped in two other idealistic friends, Cathy Shao and Kris Yap, from INSEAD (where they all studied skincare formulation) in 2016 to start research and manufacturing on fresh, effective, and preservative-free beauty solutions.

Their first products were the Miracle Pearls — pure, concentrated skincare essences packaged in biodegradable single dose capsules, made with natural ingredients like pomegranate, green tea, carrot, and grape extracts to help achieve different skin goals; like improving skin elasticity, soothing irritable skin, or adding a layer of antioxidant protection. The fact that the serums were stored in “pearls” meant there was no oxygen exposure (as compared to tubs and pumps) and therefore no need for preservatives, which in turn ensures maximum freshness and potency with every pop.

The team studied formulation with natural ingredients to boost skin cell rejuvenation for 15 years and spent one year sourcing for the best ingredients — which can hail from Brunei, Japan and South Korea. The end goal was simple: to make freshness, in every sense of the word, accessible to everyday people seeking clean skincare alternatives. All products are formulated in Singapore.

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Now, they’re expanding their line-up following that same approach, with the new Dewy Skin Brightening Mask. It’s formulated with well, dewy skin, in mind — the kind of translucent complexion that you see on people with hydrated, healthy skin, so bright, rosy, and juicy that no makeup is needed. Blé de Fonty took special care with the ingredients, putting together carotenoids extracted from tomato and carrot for an overall glow; amino acids, glycerin and vitamin B3 for intensive hydration; and limonium extracts that soothe and calm. Created for modern women living fast- paced lifestyles — where dullness fromlate nights may be common — the gel-cream textured, rinse-off mask has an electrolyte concoction (of calcium, magnesium and iron) that works to relieve stress on the skin, while locking moisture into the skin’s “water channels” for up to 48 hours. The result? Soft, supple, mochi-like skin you’d want to plant sloppy kisses on.

This story first appeared in the August issue of ELLE Singapore.



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