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Exclusive! Your First Look At Fendi’s Peekaboo ISeeU Campaign Video Featuring Zoey Deutch

Exclusive! Your First Look At Fendi’s Peekaboo ISeeU Campaign Video Featuring Zoey Deutch

Fendi Iseeu campaign featuring Zoey Deutch

Flashback to Milan, 2008 when the Peekaboo first revealed itself on Fendi’s SS’09 runway, toted by models Lara Stone and Anja Rubik. Fast forward to today, 12 years later, and little has changed about its essence, but a lot has been said and done about this icon.

Backstage at Fendi’s FW’20 Milan Fashion Week show where the new Peekaboo ISeeU is first presented

The classic Peekaboo was certainly striking on many levels: it had a witty yet thoughtful name; it had no definitive front or back and you were encouraged to carry it in its open state, by undoing the twist lock on both sides, so as to reveal its contrasting colour, monogram and iconic Fendi monster eyes. 

Photo: Courtesy of Fendi

As such, the design of the Peekaboo presented its own interesting challenge: the inside had to look as good as the outside, while it had to be solidly constructed with a strong central frame (where the soft leather is stitched onto it like a pocket, by hand) so that the bag wouldn’t lose its balance when the flap was open or when the weight was unevenly distributed on both sides. 

This season, however, sees not just a change in the way the bag looks, but also a slight overhaul of its construction that would open more possibilities for it in the future.

The new Fendi Peekaboo ISeeU is $6,250. Photo: Courtesy of Fendi
Fendi Peekaboo ISeeU Campaign
Additional interchangeable pouch is available at $370 (lambskin) and $480 (python). Photo: Courtesy of Fendi

Dubbed the Peekaboo ISeeU, this version is designed with a new accordion construction, which allows a “deeper smile” where the opened flap reveals more of the contrasting interior.

Photo: Courtesy of Fendi

You can also switch up the look of the bag by swapping out the interchangeable inside pockets, which can be personalised with one’s initials in smooth leather or python skin. 

Celebrating this update to the icon, the Italian brand accompanies the launch with its first ever global campaign featuring actress and producer Zoey Deutch. 

Watch the full campaign video below:

We caught up with Deutch after the campaign shoot to get acquainted with her playful side and find out how the new Peekaboo ISeeU resonates with her.

What was shooting the Peekaboo campaign like?
It was one of my favourite shooting days ever. There was a lot to get done in a short time but everyone was in such a great mood. Good people, great energy and amazing bags… what could be better?

How do you feel about being the ambassador of the first Peekaboo campaign?
It is such an honour to be the ambassador of the first Fendi Peekaboo campaign. I have been a huge fan of the brand for as long as I can remember, and to join the Fendi family is beyond exciting. I feel so grateful.

What does Fendi mean to you?
To me, Fendi means elegance, craftsmanship, and style. I think Fendi makes clothes for women who want to be in charge yet are able to loosen up with a joyful, ironic attitude… And that’s exactly the kinda gal I am.

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Use three words to describe the Peekaboo bag. 
Chic, mysterious, classic.

According to you, what makes the Peekaboo bag an icon?
I love that the bag opens up in a deep “smile” to reveal the interchangeable inside pockets. It is comfortable yet classic. Chic while also being able to carry everything you could need… and more. And I have been known to want to fit everything (and more) in my purse. I definitely need four. Obviously.

How would you describe yourself?
Adventurous, probably too loud, a lover of food and dogs, always hungry, hopefully a sort of good sense of humour, hopefully… Curious. Still hungry. Still loud.

Which is a characteristic you share with the Peekaboo bag?
Maybe mischief?

What is inner beauty to you?
Inner beauty is kindness, compassion, empathy, and openness.

What are your plans for the future?
To stay curious and ambitious and keep learning! There is so much to do and so much to learn!



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