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Your Definitive Tarot Reading For The Month Of September 2020

Your Definitive Tarot Reading For The Month Of September 2020

September is showing some promises to be an exciting month ahead. We begin the month with the Full Corn Moon in Pisces (September 2, 2020) and it is said that the positive energy will linger on throughout the first two weeks. It is likely that you’d receive some moments of “eureka” to any ordeals you have been facing. We will also see Mars going in retrograde a week later (September 9, 2020 to mid-November), and what this means, according to several astrologists, that your sex drive may dwindle and you may feel a tad frustrated with some semblance of stagnation.

Moving forward, there is also New Moon in Virgo (September 19, 2020) and that seems to spell an opportune time to socialize with more people and create new connections. This is also a time to do something new. Finally, we see the month concluding with the Sun entering Libra (September 22, 2020) which heralds a new astrological season.

The new month is also one that brings in endless possibilities and is bridled with hidden surprises in every corner. Read on to find out what September has in store for you. All you have to do is to pick a card that calls out to you!

From left to right: Queen of Swords, Eight of Pentacles, King of Swords, Ace of Swords. Image courtesy of @thatcardoracle.

Card One: Queen of Swords (Reversed)

General: There is a lot of angst going on in September. You may feel like you are overwhelmed and that your thoughts aren’t heard by the people around you. Figure out what’s ticking you off and work on juggling one issue at a time. Remember, you are in control.

Work: There will be some harsh criticisms here and there in company you are employed at. You are either going to be the person delivering the bad news to people, who are unlikely going to receive the message well, or you are going to be on the receiving end of harsh feedback. Consider communicating tactfully and not make assumptions. For those who are unemployed or recently retrenched, you are going to have some encounters meeting with employers who can be a tad demanding. Learn to say no when things escalate too quickly.  

Finance: Keep receipts and make sure you track your expenses. Do not write the extra zero on a cheque and do not pay your employees late. Most importantly, do not take loan on a whim.

Love: If you are single, it is likely that you are feeling exasperated. Singlehood is obviously something that has kept you annoyed and worked up. You are also likely to mistaken a date’s casual action or remark as an exaggerated intention. Remember, one casual praise does not equate to a 101% infatuation. For those who are attached, this card is a reminder that you need to have an open mind while conversing with your partner. Chances are you will over assume incidents and things. If you are worried, just ask.

Card Two: Eight of Pentacles (Reversed)

General: You are immensely bored. You are tired of repeatedly doing the same thing. You want some change in your life and you want them to happen quickly. One advice, do not ever rush into things!

Work: At work, there is some semblance of stagnation. You desire progress and you feel as if you are underperforming. But it doesn’t mean repeatedly doing the same thing is a sign of underperforming. While you are inclined to handle more on your plate, I do not suggest you over-commit and under-delivery. For those who are unemployed and are seeking employment, you have got a foot in the door in the companies you are interviewing for. The catch, however, is you have got to impress employers with how hardworking you can be. Draw on real life experiences and show (not tell) with vivid examples!  

Finance: Gambling is by no means a one-way ticket of getting rich. Financial insecurity may be somewhat troubling to you and September is going to be a great month for you to learn how to be frugal.  

Love: In the realm of love, singletons are likely going to find results by being proactive. Be the one willing to initiate a date or suggest films to binge together on. Love does not fall from the sky, but this card is all about reminding you to take ownership. For those who are engaged, you need to consider having a casual but serious conversation on your relationship trajectory. There are a lot of assumptions going on and little effort put in place. Remember, it takes two hands to clap.

Card Three: King of Swords

General: September is likely going to be a month of focus and concentration for you. You will likely see yourself feeling extremely disciplined and this is great for ticking things off your To-do list.

Work: Honesty and integrity are some qualities your superior might be interested in seeing you demonstrate in the office. At work, they are likely going to be harsh on you but this is intentional and serves to be a gauge of your capabilities. Prove your mettle by being structured and respectful. For those who are looking to seek a new job, you should not make a decision or accept an offer without thinking things through. Ask yourself what other information you might require.   

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Finance: For finance, you should establish some form of structured routine and save up for a rainy day. Consult a financial advisor or trusted family member on issues with your finances. Most importantly, you need to be realistic with your financial goals, do not invest for the sake of investing when you have little means to do so.  

Love: In September, you and your partner are likely going to see yourself getting connected on a deeper intellectual level. This is great because the both of you have great chemistry and have worked together in overcoming challenges. For those who are singles, this card seems to suggest that companionship is possible but it is likely to be with someone who can indulge in intellectual conversations.

Card Four: Ace of Swords

General: You can achieve peak creativity in September and this creative energy you are manifesting can fuel you to get the breakthroughs you need.

Work: In September, you seek change. You are looking to transition into a new job and the stars seem to be aligned for you. For job seekers, you will be threading on thin ice on the negotiating table. You should be firm and compromise whenever necessary. For those who are employed, a new project might be the perfect place for you to exercise your creativity. Take this opportunity to prove your mettle.  

Finance: Be careful on where you place your money. Whether it is a new investment or with a bank, there are a lot of red flags you need to look out for. You might also be at the beck and call of a friend who is asking for a loan. Lend a hand only if you are comfortable. Otherwise, you should say no.

Love: For those who are attached, you might soon be facing some minor hiccups. Learn to compromise and communicate with each other. Honesty is important here and be tactful! For those who are single, you are likely going to meet your special someone. One characteristic to look out for is his or her proclivity to make you laugh or simply include you in parts of his (or her) life. You will comfort and conversations can be stimulating.



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