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How To Get The Look From BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez’s “Ice-Cream” Music Video

How To Get The Look From BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez’s “Ice-Cream” Music Video


Travel restrictions aren’t fun, but the silver lining of staying in is entertaining ourselves to a YouTube marathon of K-pop music videos after a day of laying out under the sun while sipping cold brew coffee and eating ice cream. Sweet, but not overly saccharine, BLACKPINK’s newest collaboration with Selena Gomez was worth the wait. 

“Ice Cream” fuses high fashion, colour, athleisure and flirty sex appeal that reflects the cheeky spirit of summer’s last days. If you were wondering what was up with the Lizzie McGuire-esque aesthetic, it’s derived from the high teen style, a modernised take on the ‘90s and early ‘00s aesthetic that is popularised by Jennie.

With a diversity of styles from whimsical, sporty and sweet, it reflects each members’ personalities alongside Gomez’s spunkiness. As a feast for the eyes, we can never get tired of looking at this Selpink video. Starring the hottest names in fashion from Lirika Matoshi to Dior, we can’t get past the fluffy tops, corsets and Lisa’s tie dye jweats (jean sweatpants). 

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