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Rose Gold Hair Inspiration – 2020’S Dreamiest Hair Colour Trend

Rose Gold Hair Inspiration – 2020’S Dreamiest Hair Colour Trend

Rose Gold Hair Ideas

Rose gold hair – it’s somewhere between pink, peach and totally beautiful. 

The more sophisticated nod to rainbow hair, rose gold is the super flattering hair colour that every cool girl wants. 

From Sienna Miller‘s tie dye hue that started the trend, to badass model Mary Charteris and Salma Hayek‘s bubblegum pink take on the situation, rose gold hair is here to stay.

Depending on what your OG hair colour is like, it’s not as complicated as it looks to achieve the trendy hue. ‘Unless your hair is naturally blonde (very pale yellow) you will need to pre-lighten your hair first,’ explains Shannon Gallacher, Senior Colourist at Nicola Clarke at John Frieda Salons. ‘Either by doing a solid bleach, highlights or balayage. Once the hair is light enough it will be toned with a rose gold toner.’

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The best part? If you’re not feeling it, it’s not as much of a commitment as other colours out there. ‘I think rose gold is a pretty safe colour to experiment with as it suits almost every skin tone making it a very popular look. Due to the colour being very temporary it’s safe to try without the commitment but also easy to top up if wanted’, says Gallacher. 

Read on for all the rose gold hair inspiration you could ever want all satisfyingly in one place.

Dua Lipa Rose Gold Hair



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