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Your Definitive Tarot Reading For The Month Of October 2020

Your Definitive Tarot Reading For The Month Of October 2020

Tarot October 2020 ELLE

On the first day of October, the annual harvest moon will appear on the night sky. This is also the night of the Mid-Autumn festival, where Chinese communities around the world would pay respect to the moon deity of longevity. It is said that the harvest moon will herald in tension. You might see yourself giving in to your impulses or lash out. Interestingly, as the month ends, another full moon (also known as the hunter moon) will greet us on the night on 30th October. This full moon signals that winter is coming.

October is also the month that welcomes the Libra season. For the most part, this means the month ahead would be a good time to be introspective and find the balance we need in our lives (just like the scales in the depiction of Libra as a horoscope sign).

The new month is also one that brings in endless possibilities and is bridled with hidden surprises in every corner. Read on to find out what October has in store for you. All you have to do is to pick a tarot card that calls out to you!

Tarot October 2020 ELLE Singapore
From left to right: The Judgement, Eight of Wands, King of Wands, Three of Swords. Image courtesy of @thatcardoracle. Crystals courtesy of Illa Nocte (@illa_nocte)

Card One: The Judgement

General: October is going to be a month of intense self-evaluation. Take all the time to ruminate for the best is yet to come.

Work: A new calling begets in your career. It could be an unexpected offer from a friend or a head-hunter, or it could be a sudden desire to enlist yourself for a job promotion. This calling should not be ignored, and you ought to be mentally prepared for changes ahead. For job seekers, there will be plenty of openings in the market tailored for you. You will see yourself make a few rational decisions soon.

Finance: Your relationship with money may require some evaluation. Pay attention to how your money flowed in the last three months. Take note of the unnecessary spending, the questionable investments, and any delayed salary. If you happen to be receiving your salary late, it is time to meet up with the relevant department and chase them for your earnings.

Love: If you have been feeling tensed in your relationship lately, it could be that you are judging your partner too harshly. Issues that you have ignored in the past will surface again too. Take this opportunity to communicate any necessary changes. For the singletons, first impression matters. Do make a conscious effort to want to impress a date or a potential partner. Seize any opportunity that comes your way, but don’t be a try-hard.

Card Two: Eight of Wands

General: Exciting times are ahead in October. You will soon see yourself gaining momentum and seeing your hard work paying off.

Work: At work, you will soon go through a period of mild stress surfacing in the month of October. Do not worry because this is likely to be a form of good stress that keeps you challenged creatively and mentally. You are also likely to see yourself making a lot of last-minute decisions while on the go. Most importantly, you will feel a renewed sense of positivity as you gain momentum at work. For those who are looking for a job, you are likely to see yourself getting into interviews that demand a lot from you.  

Finance: A lot of movement is happening in your finances October. Keep track of what went in, what went out, and how quickly they are coming and going. Your ability to keep track of the minor transactions will be challenged. Avoid high risk investments and spending too much.

Love: There will be progress in your love life. If you are single, you are likely to be swept of your feet by a potential partner. Cherish the moments you have together. If you are attached, you can expect yourself to receive some surprises here and there. Embrace the positive and passionate love energy.

Card Three: King of Wands

General: Growing up and becoming the discipline person you need to be could be real helpful in October.

Work: The idea of mentorship calls to mind whenever this tarot card appears to address issues related to work. You could consider finding yourself a mentor to learn from (this is especially important for jobseekers) or become the mentor for a junior in the firm. Essentially, you ought to embody the ideals of a passionate and charismatic educator. But be warned, you may see yourself getting slightly burned up, so do take breaks if you need to. If you happen to be thinking of starting your own business, October may well be a good time to do so. For jobseekers, you

Finance: A good omen in finance, this tarot card portends good returns in investment and stability. You are likely going to be in good control of how you manage your money.

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Love: In the realm of love, it is unlikely you will get bored of the relationship. There will be plenty of exciting changes that you and your partner are going to make in your life. This could run the gamut from getting your house keys to planning a wedding. You should take note that small arguments will surface, but they will only make your bond go deeper. For the singletons, you should free up some time (especially away from work) to find love.

Card Four: Three of Swords

General: While unhappiness and some sorrow will surface, the ordeals that are to come will mould you to be a stronger and better person.

Work: There is a lot of disillusionment going on at work. You might be thinking and reading too much into minor issues that have surfaced at work. This might add unnecessary stress onto yourself. If you happen to have any pre-existing conflict with your clients or co-workers, you need to have an open and honest conversation with them. For jobseekers, you may not get as much interviews as you hoped for, but don’t give up.

Finance: A dip in your finance is expected to come in October. This loss could be a result of a bad investment or stem from a relationship breakup. Take one step at a time to get yourself back on track.  Tarot

Love: This is going to be a trying month for couples. You may experience plenty of sadness and even heartbreak. Stay together as a unit and resolve conflicts together. It pays to be understanding and rational. If you are single, your inability to get a date or a partner maybe due to a traumatic past experience that prevents you from opening up. Spend time to grieve if need be, and seek help from your social circles.