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Affordable, Chic And Unique Engagement Ring Designs That Are Anything But Basic

Affordable, Chic And Unique Engagement Ring Designs That Are Anything But Basic

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The search for a perfect and unique engagement ring is a wonderful but arduous process. There are just so many things to consider. Firstly, the pressure to happen upon the right style and shape to suit the specific tastes of somebody else, to the point where they’d be happy to sport it prominently until the end of days, is monumental. But beyond that, you’ve got serious budgeting concerns to bear in mind. Diamond engagement rings can venture into the tens of thousands of pounds, which is delightful if you’ve got the disposable income of a royal prince, but if your salary is more meagre, finding the right cut, shape, stone and metal within a tighter financial framework can be extremely hard. 

Luckily, as fashion and culture move us further and further away from traditional tastes, it’s no longer such a pre-requisite to find a shiny platinum ring with diamond solitaire to bestow on a future bride. Tastes have evolved and individuality is arguably much more valued in the hunt for the unique engagement ring. Mixed metals, organic shapes, rough or coloured diamonds and even alternative stones are all becoming covetable options. Which is particularly great because many of these come at much more affordable price points. 

So with that being said, here is a selection of brilliant independent jewellery designers making interesting and unique engagement rings at a fraction of the cost of your classic Tiffany & Co piece.