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The Ultimate Lowdown On Brow Lamination That You Need

The Ultimate Lowdown On Brow Lamination That You Need

Browhaus Brow Lamination

I knew I made a good call in securing myself a Brow Lamination session at Browhaus, after not only receiving — ahem — many compliments on a set of fluffy brows after the treatment, but also the extra time saved in not having to draw them in every morning. What used to be a 15 minute “pandemic routine” that comprises concealer, mascara and brows just got a new record time of 10, considering how my brows are now in, as the kids call it, perfect #iwokeuplikethis shape.

Three weeks after Brow Lamination, not filled in with brow makeup.

Now, embarking on a new brow treatment can be daunting, seeing how a pair of groomed brows (or just brows, really) can make or break a look. Most of the time, the old adage rings true when it comes to the arches — don’t fix it if it ain’t broken — god knows how long it’ll take for new brow hairs to sprout, or semi-permanent dyes to fade. So, for someone who’s used to just basic ol’ threading, I did hesitate at the thought of the snazzy, albeit foreign, brow treatment. The final push came alongside the promise of thicker brows that involved a simple process of perming, dyeing and shaping with no downtime, so heck, why not.

I’ll leave the nitty gritty details of the treatment to Elizabeth Raman, Head of Learning & Development at the Spa Esprit Group, who has gladly entertained the FAQs that I had as an everyday consumer who might want to embark on the Brow Lamination treatment. But if it’s anything that you should take away from me, someone who has had their brows, erm, laminated… I had no regrets.

People get the impression of brows being flattened out with the term Brow Lamination, but that’s actually not the case, so why the name?

The name “Brow Lamination” refers to both the technique and look that it achieves.
Brow Lamination is essentially a brow-perm that lifts, styles and sets the brows to fill in
small gaps to achieve a fuller, thicker appearance. Typically, our brow hairs grow in
different directions, causing small gaps and a messy appearance. With the treatment, brow hairs are combed, manipulated and set at 60-90 degree directions with a perming cream. Each brow strand is straightened out creating a subtle flattening effect and styled into the perfect shape for your face, creating fuller natural looking eyebrows which last for up to four weeks (individual results may vary).

When the perming cream was applied to the brows to fluff them up.

Guide us through what exactly happens to your brows during the process. 

Your brows go through a three-step process during the Brow Lamination treatment. First, the therapist preps the customer’s brows with a perming cream, before using a soft tool to lift and straighten the hairs. As the brows are lifted, gaps between the hairs are covered, creating fuller looking brows. The cream softens the hair, making it easier to be brushed and styled to a desired shape. Customers might feel some tingling sensation on their brows during this process, depending on the sensitivity of their skin, but they won’t feel any discomfort or pain. 

Once the brows are lifted, a neutralising cream is applied to set the brow hairs in place. This helps to arrange the brows and “sets” the shape. Finally, the Browhaus Undercoat Lash & Brow Conditioner is applied to condition and nourish the brows with its cocktail of active ingredients — silk, collagen and vitamin B5.

L: Messy brow hairs before treatment; R: Fluffy, groomed brows after treatment

My brows feel almost like they’ve been coated with hair spray after the treatment — they’re malleable and sets in place according to the style I want. Why is that so? 

Brow Lamination offers more flexibility, where the brow hairs can be shifted and moved around to your desired shape and at the same time, keeping it neat. The brows will feel like they’re “coated” because of the creams that are applied on them to lift, set and style. All these steps ensure that the brow hairs are set, making it neat yet does not cause the brows to be permanently fixed.

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How is Brow Lamination different from a brow embroidery treatment?

Brow Lamination lasts up to four weeks, while brow embroidery is a semi-permanent treatment that can last up to a year. In that vein, the former is non-invasive and painless, making it a more comfortable treatment that the latter.

Another key difference is that Brow Lamination works on natural brow hairs only, by straightening and lifting it. There is no downtime on this process, you can wear brow makeup, exercise, and let me come in contact with water. Brow embroidery treatments, on the other hand, involves depositing pigment beneath the surface of the skin with a tiny blade in a way that mimics hair-like strokes. It’s often likened to “tattooing”, which poses a higher risk and longer downtime (due to the initial scabbing) as the skin will take some time to recover

That said, the Brow Lamination treatment works best for those who have small gaps in their brows and want to achieve a fuller, thicker appearance for a short period of time. Brow embroidery is more suitable for those with very sparse brows and big gaps in their brow hairs.