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Amanti, A Jewellery Collection Celebrating Love, Tradition And Kinship

Amanti, A Jewellery Collection Celebrating Love, Tradition And Kinship


Pasta is arguably one of the easiest dishes to cook with if you are an amateur like me. Just pop the uncooked pasta into a pot of boiling water and bob’s your uncle, you have some cooked pasta. Toss the cooked pasta into your favourite type of sauce and a simple meal is completed. While the convenience of ready-made pasta has made it easy for anyone to satisfy their Italian food craving, nothing beats having freshly-made pasta prepared by nonnas. And if you can’t have an authentic dining experience in Italy, the closest you can get now are these pasta-shaped jewellery that are moulded from actual orecchiette. 

This new line of jewellery is called Amanti and is a collaboration between Singaporean jewellery label, Pyar and Âme Studio, an online curation platform founded by Melody Tan and Gabriele Viette. The jewellery collection took inspiration from Tan’s recent travel to Puglia, Italy where she was memorised by hues she saw as well as the cultural richness of the area. Tan recounts the summer she spent with an Italian family where she got the chance to try her hands on making orecchiette the traditional way. Though the art of pasta making is a dying craft, it’s heartening to know that this tradition is kept alive with Tan’s host family. All of that experience culminated into the creation of Amanti, which means love, something she felt and seen throughout her stay. The experience also showed her the true Italian spirit of family, tradition and heritage.

The product line up includes: bracelet, earrings, choker and amulets (necklace). All of the products are made of 18k gold plated recycled bronze. 

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Amanti is available on https://www.amestudio.co/ and https://pyarislove.com/