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Quintessential French Girl, Jeanne Damas On Creativity, Her Beauty Brand And Personal Style

Quintessential French Girl, Jeanne Damas On Creativity, Her Beauty Brand And Personal Style

Jeanne Damas

It’s no doubt that the influencer-model-entrepreneur is a quintessential French girl. The creative director and co-founder of Parisienne brand Rouje shares more on creativity, the perfect red lipstick and that inimitable je ne sais quoi quality.

A DAY IN A LIFE OF A GIRL BOSS BEGINS… with me getting up early to indulge in me-time before starting work. I also do yoga twice a week, and I try to take a morning off a day in the week to visit exhibitions and new places. When you’re in a creative job, you need to change your routine now and then to keep your mind fresh.

ROUJE BEAUTÉ REPRESENTS… essential beauty products for the everyday woman. We always keep in mind to create colours that can work for everybody, and adapt to every look.

MY FRENCH GIRL BEAUTY ROUTINE IS… taking a shower, putting on moisturiser, and dabbing lipstick on the lips and cheeks. I only take five minutes to get ready.

CREATIVITY IS… instinctive. Ideas come from everything around me. One has to be curious about everything — chance meeting, travel, different cultures, art, cinema, music and literature. You have to keep nourishing your imagination. I’m lucky to be living in Paris, as the city offers so much culture and diversity.

MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME TO… to use sunscreen with SPF50 daily to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. And to never tan between 12pm and 4pm.

TO GET THAT FRENCH JE NE SAIS QUOI EFFECT… less is more. I believe that this myth about Parisian women comes foremost from the city itself, as Paris is so beautiful as it has this magic to it. Truth be told, women here are not more stylish than women anywhere else. You can find a sense of elegance everywhere.

THE BEAUTY TIPS I DO ON THE DAILY… first, apply lipstick with your finger for a blurred, just- bitten effect on the lips. If you have straight hair like me, spray some water on and let it air-dry, to get natural waves.

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MY PERSONAL STYLE MANTRA IS… never be too sophisticated. I like to look very natural.

IF I HAD TO PICK A FAVOURITE RED LIPSTICK… it’s the shade Louise from the our new Le Stylo range. The true red shade is named after my sister.

I FEEL MY PRETTIEST DURING… summer, when I’m on vacation, basking in the scent of sea salt and fresh air. Or when I’m in the eyes of my partner.

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