5 Things to Know About Rimowa’s New Look

Known for their signature, vertically-grooved cases with wheels that are agile as the user who swivels them, Rimowa is a household name when it comes to luxury travel. Having recently undergone a rebrand, the new Rimowa is full of new tricks up its sleeve. In the past, if its angular, almost masculine design, and, let’s face it, rather hefty price tag (they start at S$780 for a cabin-sized polycarbonate case) have deterred you from taking the leap, here are 5 reasons the rebranded Rimowa will sway you.

1. There’s a New Monogram

The new logo as seen on the wheels, the back cover of a coffee table book and a sticker that the brand now sells.

Besides a minimal new logo, Rimowa has introduced a Monogram that can be found on tags, the lining of the luggage and in the center of the wheels. While it resembles an uppercase “M” the graphic is actually a visual representation of the spires on a Cathedral in Cologne where the brand was founded.

2. They’ve Been Made Stronger

The pieces that go into a Rimowa luggage.

We’ve been told the new pieces have been reengineered to be more stable and durable, but we’ll let our friendly neighbourhood airport baggage handlers put that to the test. If you do, however, find yourself in need of a repair, Rimowa has a partnership with certain hotels in the world that will take your broken piece and have it fixed before your departure date.

3. There are Name Changes

The full line up of the different lines Rimowa has on offer.

If you’re a returning customer or have just been valiantly doing your research before taking the plunge, you might be familiar with the different names that Rimowa used to call their luggage. Everything from “Tango” to “Salsa” to “Limbo”, these names while jazzy, were always a slight point of confusion. Going forward, the different models now have more straightforward names like “Essential” for the polycarbonate cases and “Essential Sleeve” for those with fabric pocket in front.

4. You Can Now Buy More Than Luggage

Wheels, luggage straps, handles and iPhone cases are now part of the lineup.

On the flagship “Classic” model, the handles and wheels are interchangeable while Rimowa has also started selling the most darling leather letter charms as well as luggage belts and iPhone cases too. While those aren’t carried in Singapore’s stores just yet, keep your eyes peeled. A little birdie told us that just might change.

5. The Stores Have a Brand Spanking New Look

At the newly renovated Raffles Hotel, the freshly opened Rimowa store.

Once the rebrand is complete, each store will have its very own look, inspired by the city it’s in. Starting with the store at the newly reopened Raffles Hotel Arcade, the freshly unveiled boutique takes inspiration from the Colonial architecture of the building it’s house in, lending a distinctively different look to what once was a stark, minimal space. Other stores around the world are getting this treatment too so pop in the next time you’re in Los Angeles, London or Tokyo.

A look inside the store.

Check out the new Rimowa at: #01-19, Raffles Hotel Arcade, 328 North Bridge Road. Opening hours: 10:00am-8:00pm.