Arissa Cheo Shares What’s In Her New Tocco Toscano ARISSA X Bag

For fashion entrepreneur, Arissa Cheo, days are often packed with meetings, work, and social events. Functionality is something she looks out for when it comes to her fashion and wardrobe choices. Since launching her brand ARISSA X in 2016, she’s been no stranger to designing clothing and accessories for different kinds of women. This time, she teams up with homegrown brand, Tocco Toscano, to design a series of bags dubbed The Essentials Collection that caters to the modern professional woman.

“Depending on the occasion, I carry both bigger and smaller bags. I gravitate toward smaller bags in general though,” she says. “This collection is meant to celebrate the modern professional woman who appreciates versatility in the products she buys.”

We find out more about Arissa’s preferences in an exclusive interview below.

What kind of bag do you carry on a typical work day?

A bag that is big enough to fit my laptop as well. 

The Essential Top Handle, largest out of the 4 designs Arissa conceptualised with Tocco Toscano, seems to fit the bill. Made with luxurious cowhide leather, this tote comes with dual handle for an elegant carry and also a detachable long strap for enhanced utility.

Essential Top Handle in Navy (left) and Dusty Pink (right)
Arissa is carrying the Essential Top Handle in Green with Brushed Gold accents.

What bag do you carry out to a dinner?

A small sling bag, like the Mini Satchel from The Essentials Collection.

The Essential Mini Satchel (which happens to be the bag Arissa carries out the most in the entire collection), comes with a detachable sling that can be removed to convert it into a clutch with a strap handle.

Essential Mini Satchel in Green (left); Burgundy (middle); Grey (right)

How would you style the Essential Mini Satchel?

It goes with anything casual from a T-shirt and jeans, to a formal dress or pant suit. I’d take it anywhere from day to night, changing up the way I carry it— as a top handle, sling bag or clutch.

Arissa is carrying the Essential Mini Satchel in Blue with Brushed Silver accents.

Do you still carry a bag when you go out to party?

Yes, I’m one of those girls who need to always have a bag with them although I do envy those who can go out without a bag.

What are some essentials you always carry with you no matter where you go?

My phone, Clé de Peau face powder, Tom Ford Bare Peach lipstick, a small card/cash holder like The Essential Fold-out, and mints.

The Essential Fold-out Wallet in Black with Brushed Gold accents.

How did this collaboration with Joseph Lor, CEO of Tocco Toscano, happen and what was the process like?

We were introduced through friends and it was quite relaxed and seamless as our roles were both clear from the beginning — me with ideas and direction in regard to aesthetics, and him and his team with execution and functionality of the bags.

This sentiment was echoed by Joseph Lor as he stated “We are pleased to be working with ARISSA X on this collection – with her style and design insights, our production capabilities as well as a keen focus on functionality, I believe this collaboration is a good step to making the brand into a more relatable one that speaks to the needs of our evolving customer base.”

The highlight of The Essentials Collection is the Bag-in-Bag (BiB) concept which allows the products to be used together in a set.

From top to bottom: Fold-out Wallet, Mini Satchel, Tent Clutch, Top Handle.

The Essentials Collection by ARISSA X and Tocco Toscano is now available for pre-order via the Tocco Toscano official website and through all major departmental stores. For this pre-order period, customers will enjoy exclusive pre-order prices for the 4 different bundle groups.