How To Put Together A Pampering Spa Day In For Mother’s Day With These Beauty Gifts


Every May, I bring my mum out on a mother-daughter spa-day to celebrate Mother’s Day. She doesn’t go for many of these sessions by herself, so this yearly trip is something that she particularly looks forward to. We try a new spa and/or concept every year — but one thing stays the same: for that one special weekend, mama’s queen of the world. This year though, disappointment hits different; not only can’t we go out for our girls day out, we have to #stayathome. But when there’s a will, there’s a way… no one ever said a home spa couldn’t be pampering, too. Relaxation is a state of mind guys, and if I can’t bring mama to a spa, then let the spa come to her. Below, beauty gifts to that’ll help you create a one-and-only home spa experience:

Set the mood, honey! Draw the curtains, turn on the a/c, set up some mood light, put on her favourite tunes, and get a calming scent going. My mother is especially jittery with housework when she’s at home, so I have to literally sit her down, and give her a pep talk to relax. A soothing room scent always gets her attention, and she’s more than once complimented on how lovely the Diptyque Roses Scented Candle ($52) smells.

Take the scent journey a little further with a complementary fragrance, and once again, mummy dearest loves her roses. Aesop’s new EDP, Rōzu ($235), is a comforting take on the powdery floral scent. There are hints of shiso and guaiacwood that makes for a musky-rosy scent; almost like falling into a bed of rose perfumed fresh laundry.


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You must have a superb sheet mask on hand — it’s a quintessential spa feature. The Hera Hyaluronic Acid Mask ($35 for box of six pieces) is so hydrating, I actually felt that I didn’t need to put on moisturiser after. The serum that the elastic mask is soaked in is slightly thicker and weightier; perfect to deliver an intense shot of hydration to mature skin. Leave it on for 20 minutes and it’ll reveal supple, dewy, glowing skin.

If you’re planning to splurge on a life-long gift that can be used past a single weekend, a quality facial massager is a good investment. The Refa Carat Massager ($330) uses micro-current technology to deliver a pampering lymphatic massage to the face. Roll the spheres along the contours of your face, let the massager lightly squeeze your skin, while the micro-currents help increase collagen production, and firms skin. PSA: The roller can be used on the body, too, and is solar-powered — no batteries needed.

I’ve never met a mother who doesn’t love hand cream. My mum is a hand cream hoarder, at any one point in time, she’ll have at least three mini tubes in her bag. This mother’s day, treat mama to a luxurious hand cream, like Jurlique’s Lavender variation ($74), and throw in a hand massage as well. Brownie points for the entire month, I’m tellin’ ya.