Cara Delevingne: “What Makes You Different Is Often Your Best Quality”

As a veteran of fashion runways and ad campaigns, Cara Delevingne has moved trench coats to bags with her strong-browed mien, and is a style icon whose personal brand of irreverence turns the threads she’s papped in into retail gold. But these aren’t the qualities that nabbed her the role of brand ambassador for Puma in 2016.

Rather, Delevingne’s penchant for being unapologetically herself—an endearing, all-in personality be it on Instagram stories or talk shows, to speaking out about her sexuality with no holds barred—is what kick-started the partnership. Now with a major Puma campaign that champions individuality under her belt, and as the face of multiple of the brand’s sneaker drops, Delevingne returns once more to front Puma’s new women’s-only sneaker style, the Cell Stellar—and on occasion, talk confidence, Lady Gaga, and meditation.

This new campaign with Puma is about embracing individuality and inspiring confidence—what does it mean that you’re its face? 

It’s quite an honour to be chosen to face this type of campaign. Individuality is something I’ve always supported. My Instagram bio says “Embrace your weirdness” and I truly believe that.

Cara Delevingne for Puma Cell Stellar

Who do you think is someone that embraces individuality, and therefore inspires your confidence?

I think someone like Lady Gaga really embraces individuality. How she arrived at the Met Gala and just owned her moment was just so inspiring.

How has your journey with confidence changed? 

I think I used to be way more concerned about what everyone else thought of me (i.e. reading Instagram comments), and these days I’m just proud to be who I am… Whether people like it or not.

What is your advice for those looking to find their inner confidence? 

Do what makes YOU happy.

How do you stay motivated?

I like to surround myself with lots of inspiring people.

Who would you love to workout with in the Cell Stellar sneakers? 

I’d challenge anyone to a football match in these sneakers.

How would you style the Puma Cell Stellar?

I love the colour blocking of the shoe, so maybe [I’ll] do the same with my outfit.

Puma Cell Stellar

Share some tips on how to be confident and bold.

Don’t be afraid to be different. What makes you different is often your best quality.

As Puma global women ambassador, what do you want to voice for women and what do you want to encourage them?

I want to encourage all women to be strong and to not be afraid.

How do you balance work and life?

I use meditation to keep me grounded even during the busiest times.

This interview was provided for by Puma, exclusive to ELLE in Singapore.