Enid Advice: “I Have A Large Problem — My Breasts.”

“They really are quite an affliction, stopping me from not just wearing the things I want, but walking with confidence too.”

Dear Miss Enid,

I have a large problem — my breasts. I am particularly well endowed for my petite frame, to the point that people stare even when I’m wearing a decent top with no cleavage on the streets. I matured relatively earlier and got teased in school, which led me to wear oversized clothes throughout my youth to cover my body. I’ve done everything to not draw attention to them. They really are quite an affliction, stopping me from not just wearing the things I want, but walking with confidence too. I’ve often thought of having them surgically reduced. Now that I’m in my 30s and I can afford it, should I?

Chest-ically Conflicted

My dear Conflicted, support is here.

What is it with the world and breasts, anyway? Our beautiful and sometimes contentious orbs of flesh have fed, charmed, baffled, and delighted human beings. In your case, they’ve become a source for frustration. Frankly, as a society, we need to, mind my language, calm our t*ts. All bodies are beautiful. Breasts do not maketh nor break-eth any woman.

What I’m hearing here is that you dislike your bosom buddy on grounds of how society has reacted to them — and I fully acknowledge the distress it has caused you.

My questions here to you is this: why place so much discomfort on yourself just to make others comfortable? The best way to take care of yourself is to learn to embrace the curves you see in the mirror, one cup at a time. Stand tall, wear exactly what you want, and allow them bosom to lift you up like you’ve lifted them.

Yes, strangers might still shoot you a look from time to time. Do not allow them to discourage you anymore. Work with your body — not against it. Find the best lingerie and clothes to frame your assets in a way that you feel comfortable with. To hell with what everyone else says! Like it or not, people are going to stare — so, my dear, let’s make it worth their time.

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