EXO’s Kai And IU Explored Gucci’s New Art Exhibition in Seoul, No Space, Just A Place


Alessandro Michele has always been known for his unique voice in the art of fashion. Since his appointment as creative director of the iconic Italian luxury brand in 2015, Michele has transformed the fashion house into a celebration of maximalism and injected his own signature style into the fashion house. As someone who is constantly inspired by art, Michele is a huge supporter of the art scene. Recently, Gucci launched a new art exhibition in Seoul to support the rich cultural landscape and contemporary art scene there.

The title of this project is No Space, Just A Place and is curated by Myriam Ben Salah, a well-known Tunisian writer and curator based in Paris. The project explores the concept of eterotopia, proposing a new definition of what an “other space” might be: a place to build a different, desirable future with new ways for humans to relate to each other and to their surroundings. A very apt subject to muse about in the time of Coronavirus where most of the world are finding ways to connect while in quarantine.

Located at Daelim Museum in Seoul, the art exhibition spans across three floors with independent art spaces, showcasing the works of artists from all over the world. One such artist is Olivia Erlangerm who transformed the museum space into a laundromat (a place that is almost a non-location, dedicated to waiting for your laundry to be clean), in a piece titled Ida! Ida! Ida!. What’s truly eye-catching is that the laundromat is inhabited by mer-people, their iridescent and giant tails spouting out of the washing machines.

Watch the teaser below for a peek at some of the mind-boggling art pieces in the space:


Two artists, this time of a different variety also came to show their support for the art exhibition and they are none other than Gucci ambassadors, EXO’s Kai and IU. The two stars showed up, dressed impeccably (Kai in a brown Gucci robe trench and IU in a sky blue Gucci two-piece with bell-bottom pants) and toured the exhibition earlier this week.

Both Kai and IU immersed themselves in the art pieces and learnt more about concepts such as the understanding of otherness, the exploration of minority identities and queer politics. All of which are topics that Michele feels passionately about.


While South Korea has conscientiously relaxed some of their social-distancing measures after flattening the curve, Gucci has created another alternate space where you can get your own virtual tour of the exhibition. The interactive tour allows you to explore freely, zoom in on some pieces and gain a better understanding of each piece via an audio guide. The Korean version is voiced by Kai, himself. So if you’re looking to have Kai whisper into your ear while revelling in stunning artwork, you can visit No Space, Just A Place’s virtual 360 degree tour here.


No Space, Just A Place’ will be open to for public viewing at Daelim Museum in Seoul from 17 April to 12 July. Click here for more information.