Your First Look At Fantasy K-Drama, Mystic Pop-up Bar Starring BTOB’s Yook Sung-Jae


A brand new Korean drama will be premiering tonight on popular streaming platform, Netflix. Thank god for that because we have pretty much watched all there is to watch right now. Mystic Pop-up Bar is a fantasy K-drama starring Kill Me, Heal Me‘s Hwang Jung-Eum and leader of K-pop boy group BTOB, Yook Sung-Jae. The show also stars SKY Castle‘s Choi Won-Young, taking this whole thing to a whole new level. The plot has supernatural elements, telling the story of a surly late-night bar owner and her naive young part-timer, who enter their customers’ dreams to counsel them and help resolve their emotional baggage.

Kang-Bae (played by Yook Sung-Jae), who was born with the gift of clairvoyance, join forces with bar owner Weol-Ju (played by Hwang Jung-Eum). She also has the unique ability to enter customers’ dreams in order to help solve internal conflicts and ease unresolved sorrows. For reasons not yet revealed, Weol-Ju has to fulfil a quota, specifically to help 100,000 troubled souls. Naturally, she can’t do it alone. In order to meet that quota, she enlists the help of Kang-Bae who happens to be a human magnet for problematic people. He decides to help Weol-Ju’s after witnessing her divine healing power, seeing it as only way to free him from his empathetic magnetism. As they cross between the mystic pop up bar in this World and people’s dreams in the World-In-Between, their fates intertwine.

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Reading the synopsis, it looks like the show will be tackling some heavy topics that people go through. But the trailer really surprised us with its light-hearted tone and some hilarious scenes. What a relief! Right now, especially, we could all do with something playful and optimistic.

Will you be catching this one?

Watch the full trailer of this new K-drama below:


Mystic Pop-up Bar premieres on Netflix on 20 May, 10pm SGT with new episodes every Wednesday and Thursday.