Kim Soo-Hyun Confirmed To Star In His First K-Drama After 5 Years


Remember South Korean actor, Kim Soo-Hyun? He broke into the entertainment scene with his portrayal of an underdog who’s dream was to be a singer in the Korean drama, Dream High. He is also known for his absolutely swoon-inducing romantic role in the popular TV, My Love From The Star and the period drama, Moon Embracing The Sun. Fans of Kim will be ecstatic to know that he will be making his return to the small screen very soon with an upcoming romance K-drama, tentatively titled, Psycho But It’s Okay.

This will be his first big project since being discharged from mandatory military service in July last year. It’s also his first major role in a television series in five years. Kim made cameo appearances in a few dramas such as the currently airing, Crash Landing Into You and 2019’s hit show, Hotel del Luna. It’s the perfect teaser leading up to his new drama, capturing audience’s attention.

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In Psycho But It’s Okay, Kim Soo Hyun will play a community health worker named Moon Kang Tae. Moon was orphaned as a child and had to step up to become a breadwinner for him and his older brother who suffers from autism. He struggles daily to make ends meet and his exhausting schedule leads to the protagonist thinking that he has no time for a romantic relationship. He is also nursing his own emotional wounds and traumas, hoping to one day live a better life with his brother. He then meets a fiction writer who writes storybooks for a living. She, herself, is grappling with her own loneliness as she has never experienced love due to a birth defect. When their paths crossed, an unlikely connection was made and the two slowly begin to help heal each other’s wound.

The series looks to be an emotional one with topics such as mental illness, isolation and the pressures of society. As of writing this article, the actress playing the lead female role has yet to be announced, though 29-year-old Seo Ye-Ji is currently being considered for the role. Psycho But It’s Okay is scheduled to premiere some time mid-2020 (an exact date has not been announced), which was a lot quicker than we expected.

Who else is excited to have Kim Soo-Hyun tug at our heart strings? We’re prepping our tissues already.

Stay tuned for more details!