K-pop Star Kim Jaejoong Incited Outrage With His Coronavirus April Fool’s Prank


In case you have lost count of the days of the week (thanks to all that self-isolation), yesterday was April Fool’s Day. As the world had other pressing matters to attend to, it’s completely understandable that celebration of this Western holiday flew above the heads of most. One would also think at grave times such as these, no one would sensibly joke about an ongoing global pandemic that has taken the lives of thousands. However, it seems like OG K-pop idol, Kim Jaejoong landed himself in hot water after a prank went horribly wrong.

On 1 April, the 34-year-old singer posted a photo on his Instagram account with the following caption,


“I have contracted Coronavirus. It was careless of me to live disregarding all of the cautions provided by the government and those around me. Just how big could one individual’s behavior impact all of society be…

I am sorry to those who could have been infected by me. The stupid judgements I made has now led me to this. I lived thinking it would never happen to me.

I am currently hospitalised. I currently feel grateful and apologetic, reflecting on my past.

There are so many things I want to say…

There are so many people I want to see…”

– Kim Jaejoong
Photo: Instagram

News of Kim’s apparent contracting of the novel Coronavirus spread like wildfire. It was immediately picked up by South Korean news outlets and fans flooded his comments section with words of encouragement and concern. The huge reaction is not a surprise considering how influential Kim Jaejoong is as a celebrity. He was once a member of the super popular boy band, TVXQ which fronted the Hallyu wave in the 2000s. He also has a successful solo career in Japan and is part of the trio boy group, JYJ. To put it into perspective, it would be like if Harry Styles were to say he tested positive for the Coronavirus (*touch wood*).

After his post started garnering mass attention, Kim posted one more time, revealing that he, in fact, did not contract the virus and was not currently hospitalised. Concern quickly turned to outrage and the K-pop idol received major backlash from not just the media, but the public in general.

Kim then clarified that he made this April Fool’s joke to highlight the importance of vigilance during this pandemic. “What if a person you love or a person precious to you was infected with a virus?” he said, “That would be heartbreaking.” He then went on to state that around him more and more people are being confirmed to be carrying the virus so his post should be treated as a sort of ‘cautionary tale’. “This prank was too much to be considered a simple April Fool’s Day joke,” Kim stated in his second IG post, “The virus is not just something that happens to others. I wanted to tell everyone that protecting yourself is the solution to protecting those precious to you. I will accept all punishments that I deserve for this post.”

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He was not far off as Korea Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) announced that they will be looking into the matter and discussing a possible punishment for Kim. “It’s possible to punish those who are reported for inciting disorder by continually making malicious prank phone calls to the epidemic prevention authorities,” a representative of the KCDC stated, “However this case is something done by a celebrity on social media, and so it seems more internal discussion is required.”

As of writing this article, no verdict has been announced on what kind of ‘punishment’ Kim may be receiving. Meanwhile, international news outlets have picked up this story, increasing the spotlight on the K-pop idol.

Stay tuned for more updates on this news.