Michael Kors Celebrates the American Identity at Its SS20 Show

The Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn was transformed into a musical spectacular by the Young People’s Chorus of New York City against the setting of an open, luscious green park lined with park benches. The choral group celebrated the American identity by belting out classic after classic — starting off with a soulful, spirit-lifting rendition of American Pie that gave chills to everyone present, American or not. As the Spring Summer 2020 looks were sent down the runway, songs such as This Land is Your Land and America accompanied the models and raised optimism and positivity within everyone that was present.

Michael Kors idealised the entire show based on the American-optimism, something he considers to be especially poignant in the midst of current divisive times. As a response, the collection focused on the romanticisation of the 1940s as it was the last truly unifying period of the country. Kors, a true blue New Yorker, takes pride in the can-do attitude of the bustling city that never sleeps and wanted this to permeate the mindsets of everyone present as well. “The collection explores the balance of pragmatism and charm and power and romance that is at the core of American fashion. It is a celebration of the diversity of American style and beauty,” Kors muses.

Here are some things that caught our eye during the fashion show-cum-musical extravaganza.

The Absence of Stilettos

As each model strutted down the runway, their steps a little more stable and firm than usual, the quintessential stilettos were notably MIA. Instead, the block heel was a recurring element. Though the heels were still sky-high, the block heel gave more stability to every step. Could this be a personification of the steadfast, unyielding disposition of the contemporary woman? We say yes…and we are all here for it.

Photo credit: Michael Kors

Stars and Stripes

Two recurring patterns kept making their appearance all throughout the show. Whether in understated shiny studs on a heel, or a full-blown explosion blanketing the entire outfit, the stars and stripes were a central theme. Of course, they represent the American flag — yet another ode to the American identity that Kors is trying to advocate for via the collection. Patriotic stars and stripes in metallic accents give the pieces a punk edge that lets people know you should not be messed with.

Photo credit: Michael Kors

The Dichotomy of Punk and Prep

The line between these two opposite styles seemed to be blurred in this collection as Kors added metal studs to various pieces. Suddenly, punk doesn’t seem too distant from prep anymore as both styles were amalgamated to create a new silhouette that is extremely relevant in today’s hybrid culture.

Photo credit: Michael Kors

An Un-ironic Look at Pattern

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a brand do a patterned piece that completely serves its purpose of simply adding unique complexity. The fashion industry loves shock-value and this has birthed many brands to come up with large, oversized and exaggerated patterns for ironic commentary. Michael Kors manages to reintroduce pattern in a classy, self-serving way that adds just the right amount of oomph into the piece.

Photo credit: Michael Kors

Tip: Tuck a blazer into your trousers

Michael Kors teaches us how to have some fun with the seemingly structured, utilitarian blazer by tucking it into a pair of straight-cut flowy trousers. Adding a belt to cinch the waist and some gold hardware to match the gold buttons on the blazer helps to tie the whole outfit together.

Photo credit: Michael Kors