October Tarot Reading (2019)

The month of October sees us entering the Libra season. As usual, a new month brings with it a new and exciting set of challenges. Read on to find out what’s in store for you this month. All you need to do is to pick one card (out of the four) that calls out to you from the following image.

From left to right: Three of Cups, Page of Swords, The Hierophant, Ace of Wands

Card One: Three of Cups (Reverse)

General: Party’s over and it’s time to keep your champagne glasses. While it’s fun to be in good company, it’s also wise to not get too intoxicated.

Work: You may find yourself walking on thin ice. Gossipers in your workspace seem to be everywhere. Be sensitive to those around you and most importantly, be professional. For job seekers, things seem to be going well for you too. One suggestion though, pay heed to the office culture.

Finances: While it’s fun having a whale of your time outside, it’s not exactly fun for your wallet. While you are likely to rationalise your expenditures (Eyeing to grab that extra cup of boba tea? Trust me, we FEEL you), it’s best to reconsider your options. If anything, you are in charge and do not give in to peer pressure (or compare!) during social gatherings.

Relationship: Ah, this is a sensitive one. The three of cups could well indicate (emphasise indicate) a third-party interfering. Or it could also indicate a short-lived summertime romance. Nonetheless, go out, have fun, and get to learn of your partner’s (or friends’) social circle.

Card Two: Page of Swords (Reverse)

General: You seem to be in some sort of mental bind. The lack of mental clarity on the issues at hand is suffocating, and it is okay to feel frustrated. If anything, it could be time to get your head out of the cloud.

Work: Keep your sarcasm to yourself and be cautious with the way you use your words. Some truth may hurt, but it’s better to take action and face them head-on (but without the drama). For job seekers, you are likely to receive news, but it may not be what you expect them to be.

Finances: Chances are, the messages — be it housing loans or pay raise — that come your way may not be exactly thrilling. Sure, they have taken on an unexpected turn but hey, it’s all part of the waiting game.

Relationship: There is a lot of tension going on. The Page of Swords suggests a manipulative individual and poor communication. Some introspection would do you well here. It’s good to have fun, but let’s stay clear of the mind games. And for those who are single, you may well be interested in someone who seems aloof. Remember, it takes time to open up.

Card Three: The Hierophant

General: A card of spirituality, the Hierophant often appears as a nudge to consult your elders and explore your spiritual heritage. If there have been instances where you feel cornered, chances are, these mentors are likely to offer advice and guide you in making the morally right decision.

Work: Shirk away your ego and start becoming a better listener. Be more cooperative and involved with your colleagues and listen to advice of your seniors. Work within your means and never over-promise.

Finances: The traditional way of handling your money seems the most prudent. Then again, ‘special mentors’ —financial advisors or even your parents — are around to guide you. If ever in doubt, seek professional help.

Relationship: If you are looking for a way to spice up your love life, the Hierophant suggests conventional dating as the way to go. For those who are single, you are likely to find someone who has is religious and is interested in you too.

Card Four: Ace of Wands (Reverse)

General: Something is bothering you and you are having trouble pinpointing the root of your jitters. It has taken a toll on your focus and has distracted you from the things that matter. Take some time off to recalibrate yourself, find the passion to keep going.

Work: New opportunities are available for you to embark on, but frustrating delays seem to be halting your momentum. While it’s tempting to jump to conclusions, we recommend waiting it out or simply, ask.

Finances: Money makes the world go round. And you should let the world revolve naturally. Stay clear from iffy, sketchy investments and be even more meticulous with your spending habits.

Relationship: For all you single ladies, the ace of wands, upright or reversed, are both synonymous with finding new romance. But are you ready? Reflect hard and seek advice before you make a decision. And for those who are partnered or are dating, the card is a reminder to be a listener.