Our Generation’s Cast of Local Acts in This Season’s Uplifting Hues

They belt out matters of the heart on Spotify, and play out life’s highs and lows and the big screen. We speak to our generation’s cast of local acts on living, loving, and laughing to the fullest.

Constance Lau (@constancelaujm) — Actress

Top, $4,440 and skirt, $4,620, TOD’S

“You are the only person that can remove your negative thoughts. Do it, and seek out the positive in whatever situation you’re in.”

Shirt, $1,190, jacket, $3,650 and pants, $1,390, by SALVATORE FERRAGAMO

Nathan Hartono (@nathanhartono) — Musician-actor

Sweater, $1,720, pants, $2,450 and shoes, $1,640, by BOTTEGA VENETA

“When I travel, I love to find the nearest bicycle, because that is, in my opinion, the only way to see a place.”

Jacket, $8,050 and trousers, $1,650, GIVENCHY

Sandra Riley Tang (@rriley) — Musician

Dress, price on request, by LOUIS VUITTON

“I  love singing when I’m in the supermarket and there’s no one — especially when they’re playing the best retro music. I love it.”

Cardigan, $1,850, dress, $995 and sneakers, $650, COACH

Jasmine Sim (@jskg) — Model-actress

Coat, $6,500 and jacket (inside), $5,750, by GIVENCHY

“When I need a good laugh, I laugh at myself.”

Dress, $4,300 and pump, $1,425, BALENCIAGA.

Sonia Chew (@soniachew) — Radio and TV personality

Dress, $4,100 and boots, $,1,740, by GUCCI

“There’s always going to be someone younger, more beautiful, or funnier than you. Find yourself, and then you do you”

Dress and boots, price on request, VALENTINO.

Aisyah Aziz (@aisyaah_aziz) — Musician

Blazer, trousers and heels, price on request, KATE SPADE

“As I grew up, as life happened, I realised that regretting is not fair because at that point in time you chose to be in that situation — you chose to do the thing you did. Embrace it.”

Dress, $1,850, by BOTTEGA VENETA Boots, $2,850, by HERMÈS

Narelle Kheng (@narellekheng) — Musician

Jacket, $7,860, pants, $5,270 and necklace, $3,060, CHANEL

“In order to move forward and be happy with who you are, you need to face your worst self.”

Dress, $4,580, belt, $650 and Zoe 105 pump, $1,890, by SAINT LAURENT BY ANTHONY VACCARELLO

Tabitha Nauser (@tabithanauser) — Musician

Dress and bodysuit, $7,250 and boots, $2,850, by FENDI.

“When it comes to naysayers, accept what you think needs to be accepted; everything else is just white noise. It takes a lot of hard work to get to that point, but when you’re there. It’s the best feeling in the world.”

Dress, price on request, KENZO

Benjamin Kheng (@benjaminkheng) — Actor-musician

Cardigan, $1,360, suit jacket, $4,110 and pants, $1,490, by PRADA

“Being in love is like being on a roller-coaster. The highs are intense, the lows are intense, but even the lows are pretty good. The best thing about love is the ride.”

Coat, $5,660, knit sweater, $1,400 and jeans, price on request, VERSACE

This feature first appeared in ELLE Singapore’s September Issue.