Rimowa’s Original Aluminium Collection Gets A New Burst of Colour

Since their rebrand over a year ago now, Rimowa, the German luggage makers have been getting their groove on. From iPhone cases and stickers to poppy pastel polycarbonate suitcases that’ll turn heads at any check-in counter, they’ve given their serious cases some fashion cred. This time, the aluminium collection gets a dye job, somewhat. Once likened as the rolls-royce of suitcases to me, make no mistake, these cost a pretty penny, but for good reason.

Since their refresh, the already sturdy aluminium pieces have been made even more resilient. Inspired by the Mediterranean ocean and the Scarlet Ibis bird, the colours Marine and Scarlet feel nostalgic and futuristic at once. And to get that colour, the brand melds pigments to their anodised aluminium sheets before constructing the suitcase, giving it a finish that isn’t just pretty, it’s durable too.

The new collection is available in 3 sizes, ranging from $1,500 for a cabin sized luggage to $2,530 for large trunk.