August 2020

Alice, K-Drama
5 Exciting New K-Dramas Premiering In August 2020

Our top picks of upcoming K-dramas to fill the void It’s Okay To Not Be Okay left.

Mae Tan, August 2020 Cover Story
The Conversation Starter: Mae Tan On Tough Topics And Raising Awareness

“I want people to come to my page and have conversations about different things.”

Desmond Tan, August 2020 Cover Story
The Animal Lover: Desmond Tan On Animal Rights And Diversifying His Acting Resume

“I hope that my will gain more traction, and with more eyeballs on me, I can also direct more attention to the cause that I’m advocating.”

Aisyah Aziz, August 2020 Cover Story
The Introspective Vocalist: Aisyah Aziz On Activism In Music And Fearlessness

“I have to be myself for the people who follow me, so that those who look up to me can know that you can actually choose another path.”

Yoyo Cao, August 2020 Cover Story
The Uninhibited Style Savant: Yoyo Cao On Confidence, Influencers And Positivity

“I believe you should use your platform to spread positivity”

Yung Raja, August 2020 Cover Story
The Altruistic Hip-Hop Artist: Yung Raja On Honesty In The Age Of Social Media

“I would like to quietly make my moves and help as many people as I can.”

Jeanette Aw, August 2020
The Storytelling Enthusiast: Jeanette Aw On Acting, Producing & Self-Expression

“I hope that the different ways that I’m creating stories or producing content will touch people. Fundamentally, I want it to come from a very personal place.”

BBC Netflix ELLE Binge List August 2020
The Binge List: 9 New Shows To Watch on Netflix, Viu & BBC In August 2020

This August, we have rounded up some of the promising shows to binge on on Netflix and BBC.

August 2020, Cover Story
Unveiling Our August 2020 Cover Stars: 8 Of Singapore’s Most Prominent Artistes

From Lawrence Wong and Jeanette Aw to Yung Raja and Aisyah Aziz, we’re spotlighting 8 of Singapore’s most prominent artistes in our latest issue.