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Tarot October 2020 ELLE
Your Definitive Tarot Reading For The Month Of October 2020

Simply pick a card that calls to you and see what this month has in store.

Your Definitive Tarot Reading For The Month Of September 2020

The only tarot forecast you need for the month of September.

A Definitive Tarot Reading In The Time of Coronavirus Pandemic

The Universe has spoken: We are living through an extraordinary time, and it is okay to not be okay.

January Tarot Reading (2020)

At the turn of the new decade, we bid our adversaries good-bye and welcome good tidings.

tarot dec 2019
December Tarot Reading (2019)

What did Adam say on the very first Christmas? It’s Christmas, Eve.

November Tarot Reading (2019)

The season for the Scorpio and Sagittarius is upon us. And that means, the holiday season is soon to be upon us.

October Tarot Reading (2019)

The month of October sees us entering the Libra season.

Tarot Cards SEP 2019
September Tarot Reading (2019)

September? It’s Beyoncé birthday month.

August Tarot Reading (2019)

It’s time to seek clarity and make confident decisions amidst difficult conundrums.