George Floyd

Breonna Taylor, Black Lives Matter
Six Months After Breonna Taylor’s Death, There Is Still No Justice

A Jefferson County grand jury has decided to indict one of the three officers involved in the murder of Breonna Taylor.

Black Lives Matter Movement
Amidst The BLM Movement, Jacob Blake’s Shooting At The Hands Of Police Spark Renewed Outrage

Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old Black man was shot in the back by police on Sunday night.

André Leon Talley, Karl Lagerfeld
André Leon Talley On The Influential Black Fashion Designers You Should Know

The legendary fashion journalist talk about decades of overlooked American fashion history.

Justice For Elijah McCain
This Is Why Millions Of People Are Demanding Justice For Elijah McClain

The 23-year-old died after police put him in a strangle-hold.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan Will Donate $100 Million To Black Lives Matter Over The Next 10 Years

“We will remain committed to protecting and improving the lives of Black people.”

Meghan Markle Addresses George Floyd’s Death In Powerful Speech On Racism To Students

The Duchess of Sussex spoke to pupils at her old high school in Los Angeles.

Cole Sprouse Was Arrested During The Santa Monica #BlackLivesMatter Protest

The actor detailed his experience of getting detained while protesting racism and police brutality in Santa Monica.

Beyoncé Calls For Justice After George Floyd’s Murder: ‘We’re Broken And We’re Disgusted’

She joins a whole list of celebrities speaking out against this injustice.

What You Need To Know About George Floyd And His Tragic Death At The Hands Of Police

The disturbing interaction was filmed and quickly shared online, sparking protests and riots.

Meet The Artist Behind The Powerful Portraits You Keep Sharing On Instagram

“I was afraid that people would only see the video and remember his soul being taken away from him.”